Monday, February 7, 2011

Spring Friendzy

The Spring Friendzy went GREAT! Considering it was my first "marketing" event - I did not know what to expect! But it was perfect for the first time I'm putting my name out there! My friend Erin came with me to help me set up and keep me company!! Thanks Erin - you are such a good friend...I owe you!! We had fun and there great vendors there too!! Erin and I want to start a "Scentsy" business - it's a candle type company! We could have gone crazy with that vendor...then I bought some bows from Amelia's Bows - she had Mickey bows and so Mary got a "prize" - another favorite vender was Oh Suzy-Q Designs (personalize stationary - I could barely walk that way b/c I would spend ALL Erin's money...ha ha ha!) - there were a couple of other vendors with jewelry and a lady that does signs - pretty neat! Then there was also Kelly Kids clothes! So was I there to shop/play or work!?! I did take some pictures and despite the weather I think I pulled it off! Thank you SO much Paige for inviting me - I hope hope hope you ask me to come back next time! You were working it girl!!

My Display...

Thank you Erin for going with me and keeping me company and making me look good! Thank you friends that came to see me it was so encouraging! Thank you Paige for asking me out! Thank you friends (FAMILY) for loaning me your great pieces of art for me to display! Thank you to all who believe in me and push me to excellence! I must say it again ... I love you friends!!

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Trace Car Driver said...

so sad i didn't make it... BUT looks like you did great without me! :) the displays looked awesome... the canvas ones really added to it! and i looked at the pics you took- love them. you ROCK!! love you!