Friday, February 25, 2011

Spelling B.E.E

We are so excited that Anna was 1 of 4 kids in her class to make it to the Spelling Bee this year! We are so proud of her! I was going to take pictures and make it a big deal but it didn't go so well!! First of all she refused to study at home and said she knew all the words! Well, apparently she didn't know all the words!! She went through the practice round just fine and then the Spelling Bee started. She was given the word "front" - and she spelled it with a "u" instead of an "o"! She tried to hold it together but when she left the room she cried. BROKE MY HEART! I was actually at lunch and my sister called to tell me that Anna was crying and wanted me. THEN, my boss called right after that to tell me the same thing! I rush to her and she is FINE by that time. As I walked through the halls to find her there are several kids in the hall crying and my heart was so sad. Why do we do this to our kids!?!? It didn't look "fun"...not sure how I feel about Spelling Bees! Noah told her, "Anna, you shouldn't try so hard!" I laughed to myself. That is NOT the advice we need to give our children and is Noah not giving it his best?!? He's so crazy!
I took her to my office and all my coworkers made her laugh, we gave her snacks and coke and she was good! But, she said she doesn't want to go to the Spelling Bee next year! She doesn't want to study! GREAT! We'll see!!
Sorry no pictures...had to be a mom that day!

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Trace Car Driver said...

hilarious about no pics b/c you had to be a mom. i feel the SAME WAY! :) hate that anna got upset and didn't want to practice, but glad she recovered quickly with a coke. just like her mama! ;o)