Saturday, February 19, 2011

Slumber Party 2011

The girls and I attended our FIRST Slumber Party!'s a confession... I was NOT excited about it at all! A bunch of 7 year old girls - NO THANK YOU!! BUT, guess what... I had a blast!! And so did the girls! I was called upon for pictures but it turned out that Shea took a lot of the pictures! She just wanted to play with my camera and I let her have at it! She did a GREAT job. And I just hung out! We ate yummy food, danced, sang, watched a movie, we painted toes, and sat around, stayed up late, and then we all put our sleep masks on and went to sleep! Yes, every child was asleep by midnight! And their little snores were like music to our ears! Thanks Kendra for the memories! It was so fun! Same time, Same place, same adults, same year!

These socks were in MY "goodie" bag!! AND, there was also an AWESOME cup in my bag too!


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Silena Cvacho said...

That looks like so much fun!! I'm not brave enough to do a slumber party for Francie yet - I guess maybe when she's seven!? I love the pictures- you forgot to even bring your camera to Francie's party - you probably would if there was a little dough! ;). Love you!