Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nine Years of Noah!!

It's days like this when you realize just how fast life is rolling by! My sweet chunky, snuggly, first born baby turned 9 today!! I've absolutely loved every stage he has gone through. I could give or take a few bad days but it has been SO fun raising him and those bad days only made me stronger!

He's not so chunky anymore (or snuggly) but he is still so sweet, a good friend, well behaved, he's sensitve, he loves having a big family, which includes his cousins and grandparents, and he loves all his siblings (Anna does irritate him the most but he hates when she's not around and to me that proves he can't live without her), he has a great imagination, loves to talk, loves to play outside, loves baseball, and most of all he loves God and believes in him with a pure faith.

Everyday he amazes me! He taught me how to love unconditionally and selflessly. Noah you have changed my life and I thank the Lord for you and pray he does AMAZING things with you - above what we could think or imagine!

The CRAZY Side of Noah:

The INTELLIGENT Side of Noah:

The FUN Side of Noah:

Noah the

Noah, always and forever my baby!

Thank you Lord for this amazing child!

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