Sunday, February 6, 2011

Going the Extra Mile

I stole that from one of Jason's emails! A couple of weeks ago Jason got me all fired up about the Sancity of Life! It was such a great sermon!! And recently I learned to crochet so I decided to put the two together! I feel as though I've dropped everything and took on a HUGE project!! I made LOTS of hats for everyone walking in the Walk for Life! OK...I did this project because last year there were a total of MAYBE 5 adults walking! So I thought to myself - I can do that - easy! This year...we had 34 walkers!! We are praising the Lord for that! So instead of giving EVERY WALKER a hat - I just did the girls one! And man, I "walked" away feeling EXTREMELY loved!! These people were so nice to me. I'm a beginner crocheter! And they all wore their hats! Some hats were too tight, some were too big, some were too short, some were too long, some were cuter than others...But with the help of my friends Victoria and Hazel we created 17 hats in 3 weeks! And everyone OWNED thier hats! They ROCKED!! Everyone has been asking me how many I did and I just counted up 10 - I am so shocked!! That was SUCH a fun project! Now I'm gonna move to something else! I love this CREATING! AND...I LOVE ALL MY SWEET SWEET SWEET FRIENDS!

The project is ON!!

The hats + a few others!!

Let's WALK!
Anyway you want!

Just get there!

Support your local Sav-a-Life - The walk raised $41,000 - Praise the Lord!
Thank you everyone who supported the Dollars!!

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Silena Cvacho said...

I want a hat! And I want you to teach me to crochet too! Love you! Bye!