Sunday, February 13, 2011

Anna Broke her ARM!

So the story goes...Sunday night while I was at the store, Jason was in a deacon's meeting and the kids were playing in the church gym Anna broke her arm!!

Ray and Anna are quite a pair. The best of friends some would say. Well, Ray remembered back when he was a child and how he would sit on "adults" feet and they would pop him up and we would soar a little ways and land safetly. He thought Anna would love to do that...and trust me she would! So, she gets up there ready for take off and right before she's supposed so soar she leans back to tell Noah to "WATCH" - well, that's when it happened. She leaned back and then fell back and caught her self on her arm! She was VERY dramatic and after putting ice on it, giving her Tylenol, waiting for her to "forget" we realize...she's pretty hurt. Still crying about the pain. So we head to the after hours clinic and wait 4 hours this is what we find...

A green tree fracture

A couple of days later we get a HOT PINK cast - looking so lovely that goes all the way up her arm!! She has to wear this cast for 2 weeks, then she will get a short cast! Thank the Lord it's waterproof!

And though Ray hates to see the pictures and hear the story - it's part of life and we still love him so much! Thanks for the memories friend!!

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