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2010: These are a few ALOT of my favorite things times

A look back at 2010:
started with a BABY Isaac (6 months old - no crawling, no walking, no talking, and not even sleepin' through the night - but isn't he SWEET?):

Basketball games:

Noah and Will were on the same team!

And a TOUCH of SNOW!

February I got to go to Mom's Women's Retreat in Gatlinburg with these crazy cats!

I remember we talked and laughed all the way there!

Delilah and I also learned the Hoe Down Throwdown dance from Hannah Montana off Malerie's phone, VERY MEMORABLE!! Fun times!!

I wanted to see SNOW the whole time we were in Gatlinburg but it just didn't happen like the weather man said it would! Amazingly enough though...We got SNOW when we got home! So I got to enjoy it with my family! YAY!

February also brought a "new" journey for me! I purchased a camera lens that changed life for me as I knew it! I've come a long way this year too!!

Noah turned 8!!

March was exciting! First off though...Jason had his wisdom teeth taken out! It was actually not fun - maybe we want to forget this time!! NOT A FAVORITE!

But here is a tooth-loss that was pretty exciting! Anna lost her two bottom teeth. It was full of drama - you would have thought we were killing her! In fact Noah wanted to go and inform the neighbors she was just getting a REALLY loose tooth pulled!

We had our friends Christy and Dave over and our girls got to play together!

Christy and I got our toes done and reinacted a picture we took when we were in the youth!

We got costumes for dance! They were SUPER CUTE! ALWAYS EXCITING!

Noah performed at school in an Amerikids program. He was Airforce!

The MOST exciting was that Anna was baptized - March 14th!

March 15th Ella was born - I got to go to the hospital and take pictures for the Huguley's an AMAZING experience! Ella is an answer to prayer and a true gift from the Lord!

Then we got an experience we will never forget. YOUTH BEACH RETREAT!!! Somehow it worked out that 2 (out of a GAZILLION) of my favorite friends got to come too!!
Jason and I also celebrated 10 years of marriage!!

Yes, we were on the youth retreat! But we were also AT THE BEACH! WHOO HOO!

We came home and another one of our babies from church was born! Aiden...SWEETNESS!!

Noah also had his FIRST BASEBALL GAME!! He had practiced so hard! He fell in love with the game!

We were sad b/c Noah and Will had to play on separate teams! Yanks vs. Cards!

Then came my first "photoshoot" at Botanical Gardens with friends from church! I had NO IDEA what this would eventually turn was a spark to a growing flame!

O.k. so March was amazingly busy! WOW...but so fun! That was a GREAT month! Now moving on into April!

It's EASTER! Isaac's FIRST EASTER! We had baskets of goodies, a wonderful worship service, and lunch with our family at my Aunts house!
A tradition we look forward to every year!

Sweet Mary turned 2! We celebrated with our church family!

And then there was MORE BASEBALL!! Every Saturday!

Noah's team was amazing! They only lost one game during the season and they lost against the All Stars! But a GREAT team and WONDERFUL coach!

May is always fun as Summer approaches!
Our church had their annual picnic - at which point my camera broke! That was such a sad day - but my friend Liz let me borrow hers and I waited for the repair quite patiently!

Of course when my camera broke babies decided to be born!!
I got to go to 2 different hospitals for 2 different friends who BOTH had 2 babies!!
First came Addy and Asher

Then came Asa and Jude

Anna GRADUATED from K5 & had her dance recital! I think my camera was broke at this point b/c I have NO pictures from that! SAD!! We do have video though! May the memory live on! I remember being sad about all that! We won't dwell on the past!

We celebrated the last day of May at the LAKE! We love Lake days!

Yep...(another favorite friend) Mindy took me on the Seadoo - I won't say how fast she went! She did tell me that I had to quit screaming though!! ha ha!! She scared me!

First thing June beheld was VBSVBS and I have a love/hate relationship! But I survived and I actually enjoyed myself! VBS is where I met some other new favorite people - the Ramos clan! An AMAZING family!
After all that we got to spend some days at the pool in our backyard - which we REALLY enjoyed!

At least once a week with the cousins!

There was a HUGE June event that happended this year!!! I turned 30!!!! I planned a Murder Mystery Party and the church planned a HUGE SUPRISE for me! They bought me a MAC computer, printer, and an ipod touch!! AMAZING FRIENDS!! "They love me, they really, really love me!" I LOVE THEM, and I love my MAC! LOVE IT! It was so much fun as everyone dressed up and participated in the drama!

As if my birthday wasn't a big enough event - right behind me came JULY which held another special birthday...ISAAC TURNED ONE!!! And Jason turned 34 on the same day!

We celebrated the 4th with Erin, Tyler, and Mindy - We went all out on the fireworks - had our own little "Thunder on Hueytown"

July also held play dates with the Cvacho's...


Days at Alabama Adventure...

Our church Yardsale - which was HILARIOUS!!

My two FAVORITE things we did in July was #1: Bust the Brookshire/Roberts family vacation in the name of photography!

#2 take the youth girls to the Coke Factory (which was my favorite part) and the Aquarium in Atlanta! The boys went camping and I don't think that was one of their favorite memories...OK...for Noah it was! He loved it!

August started with the birth of Levi - which was amazing!! I got to be in the room (for the sake of photography!) I kept forgetting that was the role I was playing coach/photographer! I was the photographer! It was a wonderful day!!
Then came the dreaded day - SCHOOL and not only SCHOOL but a NEW SCHOOL! But we made it through!! And they loved it!

Then we had to say goodbye to our sweet friend Jasmine - who is going to school in Michigan!! But she promised to return!

We also went to Rickwood Caverns with the church - we swam in the FREEZING COLD pool!!

NOT to mention we had a lot of YUMMY food!!

The funnest part of September was Erin's Birthday Party at the Galleria/WYNFREY!! We shopped ate, swam, laughed, and ate some more!! SO FUN!!

The bittersweetest moment for us is when we started dance! Mary is in love with dance but we ended up having to pull out! SADDEST DAY EVER - but that came in November! But weren't they beautiful!?! MARY HAS TO DANCE NEXT YEAR!! Shalita...that's my hint! She almost had me driving to your house b/c I told her you weren't at the studio! She said, "We can go to her house!" Shalita you are one person little Mary admires and adores!! Just like her momma!

October!! My favorite time of year! Mindy kicked it off with a BEAUTIFUL WEDDING!! Pretty much we dressed up a lot!!

We went to Nocalulula Falls

Participated in VHEE Fall Festival - Thanks to Anna who told her teacher their tickets were too expensive!

We had our church fall festival!

And then we celebrated Halloween with MOM...we added the Hooten's this year! YAY!

November brought a change in schools! YAY!! Back to SMCS! Jason to PERU and pretty much all the events of November were surrounded by PICTURE TAKING! It was a lot of fun! My favorite NOVEMBER fun is going to my grandmother's house! Which involved pictures! But it was A TON of FUN!!

And finally...DECEMBER! It was packed full of fun things!

Anna turned 7!

We had lots of Christmas Parties, Christmas Drama, pictures with Santa's, Carrolling, we got to see our friends Keith and Amy, went to see Elf at Al Theater, and we had a BEAUTIFUL WHITE CHRISTMAS with Mammaw...

And when it was all said and done...We had a walking, talking, sleepin' through the night 18 month old on our hands!

Our cup overflows!
Thank you Lord for a wonderful 2010!! Your blessings are abundant!

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Trace Car Driver said...

love love love it! wasn't it hard to do that post, but SO worth it? i kept looking at mine like- wow! :) hard to believe how much the kids grew this year, esp isaac! and your photography skills- wow! glad i made the blog. ha! great year... hoping 2011 is just as good! love you!