Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days!

So Sunday night the "ICE" began to fall around 3 and continued through the night! We let the kids sleep in the living room and we all anxiously awaited our 4-7 inches of snow!!! It looked like it would actually happen!

So the next day - we woke up all excited - even me...I jumped out of bed and looked through the blinds to see NOTHING! Less than the night before!! I was so sad! Our snow day was a BUST! It seems like everyone else around got a lot of snow! At least enough to see and enjoy...NOT US! We saw grass! Noah did go out Monday and saw a TON of icicles! I should have gone out with him - he said it was so cool. But I was being mopie! So, this is how we have been spending our snow days!!

Playing Ping Pong...This was one of Jason's Christmas presents - "Dining Room Table Ping Pong"

Me: Perfecting my Crocheting skills...

Spent time with the Hootens (and my parents - so glad they live so close together now!)

It was fun for us! I cooked a ton and we all just hung out and relaxed! I loved it! But I was bummed about our snow accumulation! Better luck next time!


Silena Cvacho said...

Y'all should have spent the night with us, the kids would have loved it! And then you could've taught me to crochet! (I am feeling a little left out)! It looks like you had fun though! Any day is a good day if you don't have to go to school! Love you! Silena

Trace Car Driver said...

booo. so sorry ya'll didn't get any. that really does stink! maybe next time! i bet you get it all and i don't get any. (and secretly, i know you would be happy about that. HA!) loved the pics though, and i agree... good food and no work/school sounds fun to me!
love ya!