Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! 2011

2nd Annual New Year's Party at the Hootens! The rain did dampen a few fireworks but we still got to light the Roman Candles - and we have more for a dryer day! I love the Hooten's so much! Our families just "mesh" so well!!

This year we made Gingerbread Houses!! Delilah and I wanted to make one but we didn't have enough graham crackers so Delilah tried to piece one together...IT FELL. So I went with what Mary was doing. She had the "Nerd" house! I finished it off! Making gingerbread houses is SO much fun. And, ONE DAY, ONE DAY...Delilah and I are gonna make real ones!! We already have's just time we are lacking! Maybe when the kids get older and can really help out...who knows...but I WANT TO DO THAT!!

Thanks for having us over Delilah! I love you soooo much!!
Happy New Year!

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Delilah's House

This is funny! We told Ian that was his Gingerbread House he had to decorate! This is his sad face!!

But here is Ian's "REAL" house...

Hannah's House

Noah's House

Anna's House

And the WINNER is (in my opinion) is MARY'S HOUSE...

Let me know who you vote for!!

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