Saturday, January 29, 2011

After the wait...

In 2003 Jason and I replaced our double bed with a queen mattress. Our room was so small that we just had the frame. Last tax season I really wanted a bed (and found a cheap one). It was a sleigh bed but the dresser that went with it was just ridiculous! The drawers were small and not sturdy so Jason and I decided to "WAIT." I'm so glad we did! I'm so glad we didn't settle!!

Some friends of ours are moving and they too upgraded their bed so we bought the whole bedroom suite!! It's absolutely beautiful!!! We got the bed - which is taller than Isaac!! We got the dresser and the chest of drawers for the price of one piece of furniture!! We are super excited! I'm really starting to feel "grown-up" now!!

I love this picture! He yells..."STUCK!!!" - He is SUPER CUTE!

And in the midst of all this arranging - my friend Julie has helped me organize the girls closet! It's amazing! We are working on the girls room - it's not done - but this closet is! We are working one closet at a time!! Thanks JULES!!

Hopefully soon I can show more ...

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Silena Cvacho said...

I LOVE your bedroom suite!! It is beautiful! I am jealous! We have never gotten a bedroom suite either! Maybe for our 25th anniversary! ;). It really is great! I am so happy for you! Love you!