Tuesday, December 7, 2010


A rundown of my "CLIENTS" - ha ha ha! Really - I think of you all as my friends!!

It all started with an old time friend Amy Gunter. I have not seen her in 20 years!! It was so good to see her! Her family is super beautiful!! I'm so thankful my photography led to this reunion!!

Then there was the Landry's! This was my first "stranger" - I think! I my friend Kendra (from church) is friends with Paige (cute right!?!) and Paige called me to take pictures of her kids! Paige was super sweet and I really did feel like I knew her! Her kids were GREAT and cute! Please pray for her son Garrett... check out their caringbridge here! They are getting some good news! They are really an amazing family, so glad I got to meet them!

That same day I took pictures for Libby! And talk about a small world, Libby has become close friends with my cousin, Jamie. She contacted me from knowing my Aunt (who I did pictures for a while back) and when she did I told her I already knew her! She was close friends with a girl in our youth group at church. She was one of those people I knew I knew from somewhere! I hate that feeling especially when you can't figure out where!! They were fun to take pictures of! Her baby Grace is SUPER CUTE with all that hair and big smile (stole my heart)...and her son...well, he is so handsome! VERY fun day! VERY FUN! And this was actually the weekend Jason was in Peru! My parents kept the kids and it was a super nice GETAWAY!!

Then some families of the church came up with a marvelous idea! They set up "sessions" one Sunday afternoon at a beautiful covered bridge in McCalla and I took pictures for everyone! This just so happened to be the day after Jason came home from Peru! But it worked out great - he got to rest some and hang out with the kids. But it was a beautiful day! Notice Riley is in a sleeveless dress! GREAT DAY!! We started the day with the DiBenedetto's! Her album title was "Like trying to rope a heifer!" Wow, Shea's family indescribable really! TWINS...one happy and one grumpy (not sad) and not to mention a big sister who is a drama queen. Let me just say...Anna met her match - now ya get it? I love them so much!! Really I do!

Kayla slipped in the above photoshoot with her best friend Randalyn. They are such a pair! So basically I ripped off Kayla's mom Sue - but she forgave me!! HA! She got 6 pictures! But she also didn't have an appointment - shame shame!!

Then Sunday I went to the McCay's and took pictures for them. Holly Rose is so beautiful - I've been wanting to take pictures of her for a while. I'm so glad Kim asked me!! Thank you SO much!
Next up were the Mabrey's! A-DORABLE and quiet possibly THE SWEETEST brother sister combo EVER! They are so easy...beautiful, sweet, obedient - I got this!!

Next up: was this little man Parker! He was actually a friend of a friend too! Kendra again! She's out there working my promotions! Anyway, Parker is so precious! If he doesn't make you smile...NOTHING will!! ADORABLE!
Then Kendra and her kids came out with snacks and encouragement - to hang in there and it's just one day! It was fun really - but it was work! Kendra brought her lovelies Pudge and McKenna! Does anyone notice what Pudge is missing on his shirt?!? (Monogram for those who don't know Kendra) The Lord is teaching her something! Learn it Kendra dear!! Love you!

And then it starts to become the best time of the day for picture taking! And Liz brings her bundles of beautiful joy! Carson and Peyton are PROS at this picture taking thing!! SO CUTE!!

Right behind Liz is the ever so photogenic Ella! I love taking pictures for the Huguleys! Happy FIRST CHRISTMAS ELLA!! Love you baby girl!

After Ella comes the Biddles! They are so cute! They don't know me well and I was scared they wouldn't smile! But look how cute they are - they warmed up fast!! Thanks for coming Biddles!

And by this time I'm feeling like Andrew...

But I love this family so much! I made the Polk's get a family picture!! Lori loves me for this! I know she does! Thanks for letting me have MY way Lori! You're the BEST!
And that day was FINALLY OVER! With a BIG Thanksgiving meal at church when I was done! It was really a fun day. I also stayed up all night and edited these pictures for everyone because I had a busy week ahead.

It started with Levi...Delilah babysat for me so I could go and take pictures of him! It's always fun to hang out with Erin we had fun together!! HAPPY 1st CHRISTMAS to YOU too little bubba! We love you soooo much!

Then it was THANKSGIVING and I had the wonderful privilege of taking pictures for my cousins! I had a blast screaming at them and telling them what to do - ha ha ha!! They are a tough crowd! JUST KIDDING! It was the perfect day for pictures really - it was warm out and cloudy - so we all played outside and it was a GREAT day! Like I mentioned in previous posts I'm in LOVE with my family!! This is Nate and Jamie!

This is the extent of my creativeness this season and we wore it out. I took pictures for Josh and Shannon but she took them and edited hers b/c she loves Lightroom too! She did "Grateful" - I loved this idea and I hope more come to me soon!! Like I've said before - you ALWAYS want to do good for your familyl!! And Jamie and Nate loved their pictures! Love you cuzs!!! Here's my family picture Shannon took! I love it. We come to Mammaw's in our "eating clothes" - I was wearing sweat pants - not exactly picture taking clothes! Mary had thrown up on her clothes so she is in PJs - but black and white pictures are SO forgiving - I LOVE IT!!

Then I have the sweetest friend Marybeth (she does my hair - I LOVE HER) had her whole family in town for Thanksgiving! So she called me to take pictures for them. She is amazingly beautiful and her WHOLE ENTIRE FAMILY is beautiful too! Unlike the day before where it was fun to be outside - it was FREEZING this day! FREEZING! Thanks for calling me Marybeth! Anytime - anything for you! Love ya friend!

THEN...Mindy's family scheduled a day in Cullman to take pictures! Mindy and I had a great time together. I was glad she went with me because I didn't know ANY of these people - NONE!!!

Lacey was our favorite - that's her in the pink dress! Such a sweet girl!
Then that Sunday I did pictures for Mandy - her parents go to our church and she was in town for Thanksgiving. She has a VERY cute little boy Bryant - he was all smiles!! It was great to get to know them a little better!

Wendy and Heather started to feel as if they made a mistake not coming out to the bridge the week before Thanksgiving so since I was already out there with Mandy - they came too, and then Jan came too!

Just when I thought I was done I got 3 more calls!! Of course I must take pictures for Delilah! My precious "other" kids Hannah and Ian let me try my new flash out on them! That was fun - and I learned a lot - like make sure I have all batteries charged or a back up! We had fun!! They are so forgiving!

Sunday I took pictures for the McCay's at their house! I've been wanting to take pictures of Holly Rose for a while. She is so beautiful to me! Thank you so much Kim for asking me out!

And so far this is the last person I took pictures for! It was the Dickson boys! I had never met them before - they are friends of Paige's, remember who was a friend of Kendra's! Anyway....it was quiet possibly the coldest day of this winter. We ran around Ross Bridge in 20 minutes flat! I think that's the fastest I've ever taken! These boys were so cute! They did great! I love the wintery look of their pictures!

And to sum it all up! I love you all!! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


Shannon Whitt said...

You are one stinking busy busy girl!!! they are great pictures and I'm not upset that I didn't make the cut. emailing you our picture, just so you have it if you want it! you did take it, after all! love you!

Trace Car Driver said...

ok wow... again, don't know how you can do these "here's what happened the past 2 months" posts! :) but i LOVE it. and it's awesome to hear how a friend of a friend booked an appt with you! did you see where i said in my post that page dollar with page dollar fotography... HAHA! you need a logo girl. thanks again for doing our pics! you have plenty of satisfied customers! love you!!

Aly said...

Mrs. Dollar, what program do you use to edit your pictures? I love them all! :)

Silena Cvacho said...

Wow! I feel super left out! I mean, how could you not do pictures for your favorite sister? Just kidding! I love them all- such beautiful families and GREAT locations! I'll have to be sure to be at Thanksgiving next year!! Good job! Love you, Silena.
PS- It is a small world- Libby is Clint's cousin Daniel's cousin! Funny!