Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's time to Party Harty!!!

My mom can really throw a party! And Christmas is her FORTE! She makes Christmas so magical - and always has!! Her packages are perfect with all sorts of cutsie bows - with the BEST presents inside!! She is the best gift giver! Her food SUPER YUMMY!! And my family is amazing! I love when we all get together. It's a shame we don't do it more - but it makes times like this so sweet and a memory to treasure!

Jason and I got "North Face" jackets! I LOVE MINE! LOVE IT!! I also got some puzzle books with pens and some lotions and bath wash! Jason got a giftcard to Lifeway! We were super happy!

Noah got a butterfly in a jar, a poster, a yoyo, and electric scooter from Granny and Grandaddy, he got a nerf gun from Silena (which was better than everyone elses - I know b/c I bought all the boys the other nerf guns!), and he also got a monogrammed towel from Chad and Karyn along with some fart noises!! I know that came from Turner!

Anna got a monogrammed towel and lip glosses (which one went down the bathroom sink drain - oops) from Chad, Silena got her a bracelet making bead set (yea...most of those got vacuumed up - oops), Granny and Grandaddy got her a bracelet, Twinkle Toe shoes (they make us think the cops are after us when we are driving), a new "popular" purse, and the Wii game Babysitting Mama! She racked up!!

Mary got a monogrammed towel and a Mr. Potato head (which she calls "My Boy") from Chad and Karyn, She got a baby Cinderella doll from Silena (which she adores), Granny and Grandaddy got her a laughing Monkey (which is annoying and hilarious), a bracelet, coloring books and crayons - she LOVES to color, and her big gift was the Dancing Mickey!

Isaac got a monogrammed towel and a tractor/farmer toy from Chad and Karyn, Silena got him chunky mini Tonka trucks, and from Granny and Granddaddy he got a pooh phone that sings and talks, a yo-yo Woody doll, and a Little People car drop tower. He didn't know what was going on but he likes all this toys!! He LOVES puppy chow! If that was all Granny got him he would have been just fine!!

This is my favorite picture of us!! Thanks mom & dad for all our gifts - you always spoil us so much!! We love you!!

After Granny's Christmas we headed to the Branch's for a open house Christmas Party. We left the kids in the car and promised them cookies! They had a blast listening to Newsboys, playing with their new toys - better than having to be still at a Christmas Party!! We were back in no time with the promised cookies! I LOVE THE BRANCH'S!! It was so wonderful seeing them!!

Then...Mary started to develop an asthma attack on our way to the third party! Plus it was getting late! But the third party I was NOT going to miss! It was the annual LAWRENCE party and it was the first time we had been invited!! We made it in time to carol!! Which was so fun with a huge group of people going through the neighborhood caroling! And I kept warm with my Northface! HA HA!! While we caroled Jason ran to the church to get a breathing treatment for Mary and when he got back we called it a night and left!! We are already planning to attend next year's party!! Thanks for the invite! We love us some Lawrence/Ramos people!!

So we party-harty(d) that night!!

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Trace Car Driver said...

how fun!!! i love your mom and her over the top celebrations too! :) and i'm with little man- puppy chow itself is a pretty good gift! ha!
AND i noticed your NF jacket in the snow pics. i was like- WHAT- page is wearing NF! :) love it!