Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

This Christmas Eve was a little different for us! It's amazing that this Christmas was the BEST and WORST all at the same time! Thursday night Jason was hit HARD by a kidney stone! We had to call 911 and he was taken by ambulance because of the intensity of the pain! We were at the ER from 9-11 p.m. I've never seen anything like it and definitely fear getting a kidney stone! I'm so thankful they allowed us to go home too! They said he would get more rest there - but the resting was minimal. He was in so much intense pain and Dr. Gamble called us the next morning and said the pain meds he was on were the lowest dose! Dr. G to the rescue and he was able to manage the pain and drink, drink, drink...LOTS of WATER!! And Friday around 7 p.m. he passed the stone - but he was up for NO celebrations!

So...I had a TON to do! Sally had the kids which we have sorta made a tradition of...THANK YOU SALLY! With Jason in so much pain, me having so much to do, and the kids SUPER excited about Christmas - they had to go...Sally came to the rescue once again!! After a day of pleading with the kids to settle down 2:30 finally arrived and we met Sally and I headed to Mom's house to wrap, wrap, wrap!! At which point I didn't want to give the kids ANYTHING because WOW...they were somewhat out of control! But a break from them made all things better! Mom helped me so much with the wrapping! Dad and Mom also took me to Milos for dinner, and then it was back to wrapping!

We had a fabulous Christmas! Lots of gifts because we have LOTS of kids! I loaded all the gifts into Sally's TINY car and I felt like Santa driving his sleigh! When we got home I hid them all throughout the house (in the unloading a sustained a back injury - I now have a HUGE bruise - but it was a battle scar!) and then the kids arrived!

Jason did pass his stone while I was at my mom's house but he still felt very drugged and sore so he stayed in the bed. A couple of times he attempted to join us - he watched the kids open Christmas Eve presents - but had to leave when Isaac had a come apart about taking pictures! So, Isaac and Jason headed to bed and the big kids and I watched "A Christmas Story" one time and then they went to bed too! I let them stay up until about 12 - to me that was better than fighting them to go to sleep! They were asleep FAST! They set their alarms to wake up at 7:30 a.m. I told them since they got to stay up so late they had to let me sleep SOME in the morning! My kids are AWESOME! They woke me up at 7:30 am ready for Christmas!!

I think I stayed up putting things out and watching "A Christmas Story" (again) until 2:30 a.m. It was at that point that I really wish Jason could have been awake with me. I love that time! It's so exciting to see the magic all happen! This was the best Christmas in a long time! I loved all the gifts I got everyone and I bought them all with cash from taking pictures! It made Christmas so fulfilling and I felt the joy of gift giving!! When you have something to give it feels great! Thank you all who asked me to take pictures - you made my Christmas!!

So here are the pictures I took - I hate Isaac was so mad he didn't get in the picture! But next year...I'm sure he will cooperate! I'll start praying about that now!!

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Silena Cvacho said...

I love the pictures! Noah looks like a teenager! And Mary looks like a doll! We had a great time at Christmas with you all this year! It's kind of sad that we only see you guys at holidays though! Glad Jason got better so fast! Love you!