Friday, December 24, 2010

Celebrating Anna!!

If you know Anna - then you know she is really something to be celebrated! I think I say this all the time but she is the LIFE of our PARTY of SIX!! Which is a blessing and a curse - but mostly a blessing!

This girl is amazing to me! She is super smart, super sweet, super DRAMATIC, super loving, and SUPER DUPER FUN!!

Her sweet birthday is Dec. 24th. She said, "I just can't believe my birthday is one day before Jesus'" - see...she makes me laugh! I can't believe it either! The day she was born was one of my all time favorite days!

This year she has grown up so fast! For Christmas this year she wanted things like shoes, clothes, and a purse! So, I had to throw a couple of dolls in there too! She loves to dress up, loves wigs, and being "popular"!!

So, Dec. 23rd we decided to celebrate her birthday with a girls night out! She acts so grown up when we go out just the two of us and we always have so much fun! Our friend Rey works at the Rave and let us in to see Tangled. We sat on the top row in the center with our popcorn (which we put M&Ms in) coke and our 3D glasses -READY TO GO! The movie is sooooo good! We had the best time. I can't wait to own that movie! Then we headed to Edgars to get some birthday treats...which we went a little overboard in there! We bought cupcakes (which was what we went in there for), thumbprint shortbread cookies (my favorite), and 2 GINGERBREAD MEN! Then we headed to Johnny Rockets for our "dinner" where we met Granny and they sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her a HUGE Sunday! She didn't think they would sing to her because it wasn't her ACTUAL birthday - so she was so happy and surprised! She loves attention! Then we headed to Kohls to shop with Granny, who was in the mood to spend.

We came home on cloud 9!!


Trace Car Driver said...

SO FUN!!! love the idea of the birthday date with you 2. how old is she now, did you say?

Dollar General said...

She turned 7!