Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Nothing like a girls night out! Thanks Kendra for planning and hosting a fabulous night! I love getting together with these girls! We enjoyed dinner at Sumo which was so delicious - Delilah and I shared steak and chicken and I cleaned my plate! I was a little sad about that part! I don't do that usually - ha ha ha!! But it was SO delicious - of course there were a ton of laughs that went along with the dinner!!

Getting together with the girls gets me a little rowdy - which is probably a good reason to stay away from alcohol!! My friend Sondra used to say, "We are just high on life!" Apparently I was last night!! But I had fun!!

We played Dirty Santa/Ornament swap! It was so fun! This time I was #4 - I thought it was a bummer but it wasn't! All the ornaments were so cute so really you couldn't lose - I made it my goal to steal from Shea but she finally got me back! But once again I could choose what ever I wanted! I got the sentimental gift to support Childhood Cancer!! LOVE IT!! It has Swarovski Crystals in it - beautiful butterfly!! After the swap they allowed me to play with my tripod and flash - hence all the pictures! I left very happy!!

Then to top off the night - Delilah and I were just so overjoyed to not have any kids we headed to Toys R Us and bought some little Christmas gifts - last minute stuff! NO ONE was there! I LOVE SHOPPING LATE AT NIGHT!! LOVE IT!! We had the best time together! And the Daddy's were happy too - because it was 11 p.m. so everyone was asleep! N.I.C.E - win win!!

All in all another WONDERFUL night filled with laughs (a few tears - oops!), stuffed with food, overflowing with love!! Girls - YOU ROCK!

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