Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Beautiful

Alabama Theater!

Tuesday we had a WONDERFUL lunch with some GREAT friends - Keith and Amy, & family, who we love dearly! It just makes me miss them so much when we get to hang out with them! Thanks for having lunch with us!! We really really really enjoyed it!

That night we had planned to go to see Elf with Julie (a friend I work with) and her husband at the Alabama Theater. But as the time grew closer her husband had a work appointment they couldn't miss! I was so sad - but still wanted to go see Elf. So, when we had lunch with Keith and Amy we asked them to go and they said they would "think" about it! Apparently they thought -NOT! But Jason and I love the movie so we decided to still go and take the big kids! Let's just say we were not friendless!!

When we got there I'm unloading kids and getting my camera out and we see Brian and Shannon from Ridgecrest! We were so excited to see them! And they told us that Wendy and Allen were coming too! WHOO HOO...a party!! We all sat together and after we found seats I turn around to see the ministry I work with right behind me! I'm so glad we didn't decide to stay home!

Elf was AMAZING on the big screen! We had a blast! Thanks Jason for taking us out! Enjoy the pictures...

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Silena Cvacho said...

I am already planning to go with y'all next year!! We saw Home Alone - but I really wish we would have done Elf instead- it is one of our favorite Christmas movies!! Glad y'all had fun! Love your pictures!