Monday, October 4, 2010

I want to do it again!!!

My wedding pictures are getting riduclously old looking! Almost embarrassing, really! I want to do it again (with Jason of course)! I would so have Brian Branam do the wedding (b/c I would be marrying my first choice - Jason) and I would have SO many more bridesmaids now that so many more amazing people have come into my life! I would get my hair, nails, and make-up done by someone this time...doing it myself didn't work out quite like I thought it would...ha ha ha! I wouldn't be so nervous - b/c hey, I've done this already! I would get married in October on a day like yesterday at Matthews Manor. And who would take my pictures?!? hmmm... I want all these modern pictures of the dress hanging...the shoes, girls putting on makeup, silly pictures with my bridesmaids, Jason and I together looking NORMAL - him bald and me well, I don't know if I can pull off "normal" - but look like we look now! I would have Marybeth do my hair just so! I think this time I would want a big poofie dress but somewhat fitted. I'm not sure about bridesmaids dresses - I haven't gotten that far in my thinking - BECAUSE...I'm not doing it again so I guess I can quit dreaming about it.

But WOW...look how we've changed! Wouldn't it be fun?!?

So what sparked my desire?!?

Our friend Mindy got married to Lee this weekend. You may feel like you know them! They rocked my camera a couple of months ago with their engagement pictures. They are such a beautiful couple! And their wedding was TOP NOTCH and absolutely beautiful. It was the first wedding I've seen Jason perform and it was so good! I was so extremely proud of him and I even got convicted AT A WEDDING! Really!?! Ok...Well, Mindy was ABSOLUTELY beautiful all the bridesmaids were too the place was gorgeous and the weather - wow, couldn't get better than it was! Enjoy the pictures "From my point of view" -

Mindy we love you so much! You are such a great friend and it was an awesome privilege to be apart of your day! We are so overjoyed for you and Lee. Have fun on the Honeymoon - RELAX!!


Trace Car Driver said...

love it!!! wow, your wedding pic does look so old. i have to say, you and j look better now, after 4 kids. ha- who would have thought it? still so young and beautiful though! and great job on the wedding pics. and IF you ever get to do YOUR big dream wedding (again), i better be a bridesmaid. :) hahaha!

Silena Cvacho said...

I know!! I would totally do things different now!! We would have walked out with Ring of Fire!! Ha!! Also, I always thought an October wedding would've been perfect, but like in the morning 10 or 10:30 outside, with a breakfast brunch to follow... omelets, fruit, bagels, crossiants, cheese grits!! Yum!! Maybe I can live vicariously through Francie!! Maybe I can talk her into an October morning wedding (outside)!! Ha! Yeah right!
Love ya, I'm with Jamie ya'll are looking great!!

Dollar General said...

Now Silena!! Living through Francie is NOT a good idea - isn't that what got you bagpipes!?! If our girls know what's right they will just choose October b/c that's the best month ever in the whole world.

We MUST go to Matthews Manor and do our pictures Silena! PERFECT place - it will be BEAUTIFUL!!! It's a Meadow!!! Really...tell me some dates to give Chad!

Shalita said...

BEE-U-TEE-FUL!!! Those wedding pictures are just georgeous!!!

I love yours and Jason's wedding picture, but I love your today picture even more! I am with you, let's do it again! But I am going to have all my bridesmaids pick their own dresses. They can pick the color they like and the style that looks best on them! You know me, why stick with one color when there are so many to choose from?!?

My girls have had pictures made at Matthews Manor and I LOVED THEM! There are so many beautiful spots there to capture great pictures!

Hey Silena, can I be on the invitation list for Francie's wedding? I just love brunch! Well, if the truth be told, I just love weddings and ALL the food that goes along with them!

bloggity blog blog... said...

Beautiful pictures!! Where was that wedding at, it was so pretty!

Michelle said...

Page! WOW! Once again, your pictures are gorgeous!!!

Nick and I have always wanted to have a re-do. I want to float away in a hot air balloon :)