Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Francie

My sister is SO creative and girlie...I wish I was more like her. She threw Francie, who turned 5 over the weekend, a Pinkalicious party! It was SOOO much fun! Everything was PINK! The girls got pink tutu's, pink fairy wings, pink crowns (which they decorated - and ours are actually GOLD...not yellow), we painted their fingernails pink (with a dash of purple), we had pink cake, and pink drinks! I just LOVE that idea. It was a lot of fun! Happy Birthday Francie...You had a FABULOUS Birthday Party. We love you SOOOOO much!

I didn't bring my camera to the party...these are all my sister's pictures! I love them!


Trace Car Driver said...

FUN!!!!! and gah, you are such a slacker for not having your camera :) j/k... sometimes its fun to not have that stress of getting all the perfect pics.
* i ALMOST didn't take any at lala's party and the fall festival, but then my ocd kicked in and i took 127! :o)

Silena Cvacho said...

Glad you guys were there!! We had a great time with you!! Thanks for the school things -Francie loves it!! You know she plays school ALL the time!! We really need to get together more!! Love ya, Silena