Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rick and Bubba Rick and Bubba

The proof is in the pictures! I wasn't gonna share this but since I've gone off and gotten famous unexpectedly, I just have to share! But usually the Rebel Rouser RULE is - what happens at RR stays at RR!!

So, what am I talking about? Watch and see

WillieDickieDan from Rob Ferrill on Vimeo.

I know HIM!

Yes, the story is true - he showed up at our Rebel Rousing Dinner not only shouting where are the kids but also bringing gifts to his beloved wife whose name he had a hard time remembering!

Our decorated Cheesecake! YUMMY!

Happy Birthday Laine! I love that we are the same age! I believe you (*wink*)!!

And this is precisely why husbands can't come to Rebel Rouse - ONE husband comes to ONE RR and now it's broadcasted on Rick and Bubba and he is so super proud of himself! That was the last time Rob! No more sneakin' in - even if it's in the name of a good cause!!


Silena Cvacho said...

Ya'll are wild!! :) It looks like you had a great time!! Wish we could get together for dinner and fun sometime!! Love ya, Silena

Trace Car Driver said...

love it!! i'm a HUGE r&b fan... and think it's hilarious that rob dressed that part, and then rick and bubba talked about it! how funny!!!