Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's Up?!?

So, I was gonna say nothing has been happening but that just wouldn't be true! It feels like we haven't been up to much, school and dance can slow a girl down! But this past weekend I got an opportunity to take some pictures - which is ALWAYS fun for me! First off...I got to take some pictures for some friends at church. She said, "I cancelled my high dollar photography appointment because I think you can do just a good!" This is what I heard..."I cancelled a professional photographer so this better be good!" HA HA HA!! That is not her personality at all...but I did want her to feel like I saved her a pretty penny! And it was a HUGE privilege! HUGE! That she thought I was on that level! Her kids are gorgeous! Take a look...

Wendy is my friend who has the same unhealthy love for Coke as I do! So we thought it would be so fun to get some Coke shots! The kids loved it!

THEN, the pressure was put on a little bit more when my aunt asked me to take pictures of her and ALL my cousins and their families Saturday!! You know - when it's family - you have to live with them! I really, really, really wanted to do a good job for them. And I think it went pretty well! I got frustrated because there is now equipment I don't have that I really want so some of the pictures would have come out a lot better. But Jason has been telling me, frustration led me to this point in photography and frustration will now lead me to a new level. Anyway, Saturday...We were in a race against time. Did you hear me say that I took pictures for them Saturday (around sunset) - well, Alabama was playing a REALLY nail-bitter of a game and no one wanted to leave (including Jason) - so we get to Twin Lakes at 6:15 with a projected sundown at 6:39 with my aunt and uncle and THREE other families!! YIKES! No time to talk or play - it was all business!! I told them they MUST call me back for a re-do. Even though they tell me they love what they got! They promised they would all get together again! I will hold them to that!

Crazy kids...

Josh and his family

Nate and his family

Rachel and her family

Grandparents with grandkids

and the BIG FINALE...

It's just that time of year! When people can stand outside, and not only can they stand it, they enjoy it! And I was happy to be able to capture some fun times with some REALLY fun people!

Thanks Jamie for the collages! Made the blogging MUCH faster!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rick and Bubba Rick and Bubba

The proof is in the pictures! I wasn't gonna share this but since I've gone off and gotten famous unexpectedly, I just have to share! But usually the Rebel Rouser RULE is - what happens at RR stays at RR!!

So, what am I talking about? Watch and see

WillieDickieDan from Rob Ferrill on Vimeo.

I know HIM!

Yes, the story is true - he showed up at our Rebel Rousing Dinner not only shouting where are the kids but also bringing gifts to his beloved wife whose name he had a hard time remembering!

Our decorated Cheesecake! YUMMY!

Happy Birthday Laine! I love that we are the same age! I believe you (*wink*)!!

And this is precisely why husbands can't come to Rebel Rouse - ONE husband comes to ONE RR and now it's broadcasted on Rick and Bubba and he is so super proud of himself! That was the last time Rob! No more sneakin' in - even if it's in the name of a good cause!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When the Girls Light Up (Light Up)

Anna and I are loving the new Newsboys song, "When the Boy's Light Up" - anyway, that's where the title came from. SO...


Mary has been looking forward to having her own dance class for a year now - which is a long time for her considering she is only 2, ha ha! She was ready to go! She let me do her hair and take pictures of her - neither of those things come easy for her! She is the youngest one in her class but she was doing everything "Mrs. Sha-WEE-tah" told her to do. She is all about this dance stuff!

Way to stand out from the crowd Mary - you rock with your chicken LIPS!!



To my dearest friends Shalita and Laine... check out these other pictures! I really don't want you to miss out on what the world is seeing!

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Night at Oprah's Place

Here I am blogging about E again! HA!

Friday was my friend Erin's birthday! She didn't want to do what Mindy and I had done for our birthdays - but we were threatened and told it better be good! And boy, it was GGGOOOODDDD!!!!

We decided we would do a "Mall Trip" and spend the night at the Wynfrey! Unsure if she would go for this because little Levi is now only a month old! But boy, she's a girl after my own heart! She was ready for a BREAK and called Granny to babysit!

The mall/spend the night trip was all a surprise to Erin. She knew we were spending the night somewhere but we told her Tannehill and a camping trip. We listed out 25 things to do for her 25th birthday.

It was so nice to get away with the girls! Shop, Laugh, Swim, Talk, and SLEEP with no interruptions! Happy Birthday Erin! It was really a TREAT for all of us!

Erin and her LIST!

Find a new fragrance was on the list - CHECK!

Get a shirt and then get some pants were on the list - she found a really cute outfit!


Erin and her FAVORITE place to eat - Saruku in the food court!

Ride the Carousel was on the list!

Check into the Hotel/Campsite!

Happy 25!!

Can you guess which one is my "luggage"?!? You just use what you got!

It's GREAT to have girlfriends!