Monday, August 30, 2010

Rickwood Caverns

The fam and church fam went to Rickwood Caverns Saturday for a cookout/pool/cave exploring get together at Rickwood Caverns! And thankfully it was NOT so hot we couldn't breath! BUT... if it was the pool was COLD enough! They use the cave water which is FREEZING! But it was a lot of fun! As you can tell Noah LOVED the high dive! Some adults did get on the high dive but come Sunday they were wishing they had not!

Our family did not go cave exploring but others did and said it was neat! It would have been pretty pricey had we done that. The pool suited everyone just fine.

My favorite part of the day was socializing at the pool! Seeing the kids enjoying each other and not to mention the deacons threw the kids back and forth for about a good hour after lunch! That was a nice break! They loved it too! I also attempted to teach Mary how to swim. Emma, who will be 3 in November (I think) was swimming like a fish. SO, Beth (her mom) and I attempted to teach Mary. I really think Mary will be swimming by next summer. She LOVES the water. After our attempt she then would make herself go under water with her floaties on ... and that was somewhat scary! She screamed and cried when it was time to get out of the pool!! "NO MOMMY, NO, NO!"

All in was fun! For now I will not blackmail the deacons but if they cross me I have some really GOOD pool pictures that will make their way into the next directory! So, don't upset me... ha ha ha!!

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