Monday, August 30, 2010

Rickwood Caverns

The fam and church fam went to Rickwood Caverns Saturday for a cookout/pool/cave exploring get together at Rickwood Caverns! And thankfully it was NOT so hot we couldn't breath! BUT... if it was the pool was COLD enough! They use the cave water which is FREEZING! But it was a lot of fun! As you can tell Noah LOVED the high dive! Some adults did get on the high dive but come Sunday they were wishing they had not!

Our family did not go cave exploring but others did and said it was neat! It would have been pretty pricey had we done that. The pool suited everyone just fine.

My favorite part of the day was socializing at the pool! Seeing the kids enjoying each other and not to mention the deacons threw the kids back and forth for about a good hour after lunch! That was a nice break! They loved it too! I also attempted to teach Mary how to swim. Emma, who will be 3 in November (I think) was swimming like a fish. SO, Beth (her mom) and I attempted to teach Mary. I really think Mary will be swimming by next summer. She LOVES the water. After our attempt she then would make herself go under water with her floaties on ... and that was somewhat scary! She screamed and cried when it was time to get out of the pool!! "NO MOMMY, NO, NO!"

All in was fun! For now I will not blackmail the deacons but if they cross me I have some really GOOD pool pictures that will make their way into the next directory! So, don't upset me... ha ha ha!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ella - Five months and Football

Ella is ready for some Alabama Football!!

Ella is gonna be a model. She has been perfect every time I take her picture! Wait...this is Ella she's perfect every time we are around her!! Lucky parents...or better said, BLESSED!
She so cute and WOW...she is filling out!! Love those cheeks!

Ella Five months ago...
Happy 5 months sweet girl!

Love you!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baby Levi

I really can't take credit for any of this! Erin knew what she wanted!! She bought the cutest elf hat and had the cutest baby! I mean really...could I go wrong here?!? NOPE!! It's like Levi knew exactly what to do too!! He was SO good!! I think the key is... days old, bottles to feed, and time to wait, and a relaxed Momma who doesn't get mad when we dress, undress, fold, etc...just to make it happen!!

Psalm 4:8
In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.

For more of Levi's CUTENESS visit Levi

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meet the Teacher

So, this LONG awaited day - The day I've been dreading/anticipating for over year now is FINALLY HERE! The "hopefully" LAST "change" in our year's worth of changes! We are enrolled and attending public school this year - Vestavia School System! And guess what?!? They aren't monsters! ha! It's actually a GREAT school! I think Jason and I made a very wise choice when this task was upon us - to find a school for our kids!

So, I'm getting this off my chest!

The things I hate:

1. that STARTING OVER feeling (it puts a knot in my throat)

2. not knowing ANYONE

3. missing the familiarity of friends (and family) at SMCS

The things I love:

1. all the staff we have come in contact with at Vestavia are SO nice and one lady remembered the kids names after one day - I was impressed!

2. the teachers have individual websites with updated pictures of the class and notes from the teacher

3. the school bought all our school supplies!!!! We paid them, of course, but not as much as what I normally spend. I think that's the GREATEST thing. I usually LOVE to buy them but with 4 kids finding enjoyable time to go and do that is SLIM TO NEVER!

4. OK..this I REALLY LOVE - Noah has 2 HUGE Mac's in his classroom! HA! Anna's class has computers too but I didn't notice if they were Mac's or not

5. the school is very technologically advanced - smart boards, computers, etc.

6. the kids get out at 2:35 - can I tell you that makes a world of difference to them?!?

7. watching the kids get excited as they roam through the hallways

One thing I thought was hilarious that the kids are super excited about is their LUNCH ACCOUNT NUMBER! They are so excited to memorize it and the fact that they they get to punch it in when they order a lunch! Anna even has a practice key pad (on a piece of paper). Should I tell them they will not be using that for a few weeks! I'm packing lunches at first! We got a cool new lunchbox that matches our backpack! Also, the 3rd graders get slushies every Friday! They are also excited about their carpool number - how it hangs on my mirror and they also have a tag that goes on their backpack! Oh, the joys of the simple things in life!

The things I noticed were "God" things as we started today was:

1. Anna's desk is RIGHT next to the teachers!'s like she knows!

2. A note from Anna's teacher says: "I have high academic, behavioral, and social expectations...I believe that children live up and down to the expectations placed on them. I also believe in challenging your child to do and be the best that they can be." Sounds like a LASSO to me!! I think this teacher will be GREAT for Anna.

3. Her teacher has been teaching school for 29 years! She started teaching a year after I was born...HA! I think she's got this thing down pat! I take much comfort in that!


1. On the teacher website Noah's teacher's favorite book is listed as the Bible. This is very good for Noah to have a teacher that is a believer! They will have lots to talk about I'm sure!

2. Noah's class nick name is "Wall's Winners" (the teacher is Ms. Walls) - and if you know Noah, he LOVES to win! She says "A winner is someone who always tries their very best." I'm excited to see how well Noah does in her class!

So tomorrow is the big day! Anna says she's not sleeping tonight and Noah, who once gave me down the road about going to a new school, wishes he could have stayed there until 3 today!

Note to self: TOMORROW: We will all take a deep breath, hold our heads up high, and walk into our new school with a positive attitude and disposition. The Lord has a plan for us and we believe this is where we are supposed to be. I am trusting in him and believe he will continue to mold and shape us into his likeness - even in this change!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Everybody say JOY

13 months and one day after little Isaac was born I got to experience the joy of childbirth yet again. REJOICING it wasn't my own..ha ha!

My good friend Erin had her first baby August 3rd. She asked me months ago to take pictures of this day for her and only threatened me a couple of times! I felt more than privileged to take pictures of this most precious day. I have to say it was one of the hardest things I had to do. I wanted it to be perfect for her - I wanted to be in there and be there for her as a friend but then I was only asked to be in there for the pictures. Several times we laughed because I kept laying my camera down and helping out. I said when I walked in..."This is gonna be hard to remove myself from the situation and just be a photographer!"

Erin did GREAT delivering baby Levi and he is such an adorable little baby. He looks just like Tyler! They were all so sweet when he was born. We all were in tears to see and hear that baby's first cry! And to our surprise - he was little 5 lbs. 13 oz. You could tell Erin's heart was overwhelmed with love for this little baby. I'm so excited to watch them become parents and watch little Levi grow. Him and Isaac have to be good buddies! We'll give him about 7 months before we let Isaac at him - ha ha!!

Erin, you have been such a joy in my life these past 14 months. And from what I hear - you were an answer to my prayers! I can't believe how fast someone can change your life. Life means so much! Love you girl...I can't give the best parenting advice but I can give you ways to stay afloat one more day! HA!! You've got it made with one though!! I'm so happy for you and Tyler! You are BLESSED!

Life forever changed!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lela is REAL!

Lela is REAL! And look how sweet she is. I have to admit I was a little scared it was gonna be a fake and I didn't know what kind of pictures I was gonna get. BUT...She's real!! HA HA!! For all of you who didn't believe - she proved it!

Thanks Lela!!