Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This Makes Me SMILE BIG!

A little history here! When I was little my sister and I along with our cousins, Josh and Nate (when we were older Rachel came - she missed out on A LOT of fun), anyway, we would stay a week at my grandmothers house. We ALWAYS looked forward to this week! It's sad but we never saw our cousins much during the year so this was our time together! We did many things like going to a little fair like park, we went to Point Mallard once, we would ALWAYS feed the ducks at a park that looked Japanese. Mamma would take us to a movie and sneak in candy! We would go to Kroger to get our candy. I was always scared about this but that didn't stop me from dropping the candy I liked into Mamma's purse! She would take us to Toys R Us to get ONE toy for the week. In the times we were actually at the house we would play church where Josh was always the preacher and Silena was ALWAYS the piano player. I always had some babies in the nursery (which is funny now that I have 4 kids - 2 more than any of them). Nate would be an usher - and he may have actually done the music. Am I right about that? I mean we would set it up with the elevated dinner trays and pews! We went all out! That's how little Christian kids play! HA! It was fun though! We also played board games - my favorite was LIFE! I loved to fill my little car up with pink and blue people! But almost EVERYDAY and ABSOLUTELY every time we got together we would watch a video my grandad made that had Donald Duck and the Chipmunks and Little Rascals. This is a small part of one of our FAVORITE videos! It makes me smile so big! I love these memories! SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY...our childhood video has gone missing! We always talk about it and wish we could see it again but it's gone! So thanks to YouTube...I can see a little bit of it again!!

THOSE WERE THE DAYS! I really LOVE my family and I love that as we have grown older and our cousins have gotten married we actually see each other more! And we don't fight with each other - but actually have conversations. They have turned out to be really good God fearing guys! I'm feeling it a privilege to know them! Thanks for the memories!!


jwhitt said...

Love it! I love to take moments in life to stop and think of how good we had it growing up. We are blessed to have the family we have and the good times we have together. We love you very much as well and thanks for the moment to stop and remember!!
It's a duck...with a big fanny!!

Trace Car Driver said...

aww that was sweet! love how ya'll used to play church! :) you might should edit it to say "we are grown and have kids but we still only see each other on the holidays!" haha. miss you bad!

Silena Cvacho said...

I loved those weeks too! Wouldn't trade them for anything!! I agree with Josh we are blessed to have our family~ we have THE BEST cousins!! :) I am a little suspicious, however, about that movie missing. We need to get that thing made into a DVD, so everyone will have their own copy~ I would love my kids to see it!! Thanks for the walk down memory lane! Love ya, Silena

Laine said...

I love this memory! What fun!
Wow I have got a lot of catching up to do! Great fourth of July pics! And your birthday looked SO FUN! Hate I missed THAT one! You were certainly blessed and you deserve every little thing! That cake was ADORABLE!