Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Birthday's...

Well, I can't let my birthday glory go on for too long! We have more birthdays! And a REALLY special one too!!! Jason turned 34 Friday - whoo hoo!! You're hangin' in there buddy!! And Little "Busy, Izzy" Isaac turned ONE on the same day!

I'm not gonna lie - this past year has been a DOOZIE!!! There were times I felt so overwhelmed and spent a lot of days wondering what in the world have we done! It was in times when Mary couldn't walk yet and wondering how I was going to get anything done with 2 babies, or times when Isaac was sick and Mary didn't understand she wasn't the center of our world. Or when Mary was sick and Isaac didn't understand he would be fine playing in the floor! It was times when everyone was in a bad mood and cries and screams echoed through our house! It was sleepless nights and busy days!

But, it was all worth it! Isaac has been a TRUE joy. I say all the time - he had to be a "surprise" or he definitely wouldn't be here with us! He has made our family so unique - people are REALLY surprised and taken aback when I say..."I have four kids!" It's funny to see people's reaction. But I love it! And the older Isaac gets the more we really enjoy him. He now interacts with us - laughs at us, hugs us, and kisses us!

I have not taken him for his "well" visit -I know y'all are all so surprised! But we did have to go to the Dr. the other day and he is 23 pounds! WHOO HOO!! He gained a pound! He is not walking yet but as of yesterday he took 3 BIG steps. We were at a friends house and he let go of the foot stool - thought about sitting down and then went for it! Walked 3 steps right to me! We ALL celebrated...he had no idea what just happened. I'm so excited about him walking.

He has also gotten another tooth. It's on the top - 3 on top...2 on bottom. He still loves to eat and I've yet to find something he won't have anything to do with! He loves REAL food! His smile will continue to melt my heart everyday. He is really happy - but also has his outbursts of frustration! He is so aggressive. More so than the others! He is going through a "Don't ignore me stage" - he hates if Jason or I walk past him! He is really independent but also likes to be noticed!

The thing I'm most excited about is that he is FINALLY sleeping through the WHOLE ENTIRE NIGHT! He was waking up at least 2 times but sometimes 3 times a night! That is the hardest part of child rearing to me! I LOVE MY SLEEP! BUT, he is sleeping really well!! Even sleeping like a DOLLAR! He will go to sleep with a bottle - no long drawn out nighttime routine. He actually hates it if you try to rock and cuddle him. He wants his bottle and his bed - that's all! I think summer has helped with his sleeping too! I LOVE SUMMER!

The kids have him saying some really cute stuff too! I love to see them all play together. He will say - "BOO!" - I guess we are gearing up for Halloween! He will say, "Shhh...", he hears that one a lot too. He is really trying to say a lot of things and during VBS he perfected his "Yee......HAW!" That was extremely cute!

I am really looking forward to this year! I love this stage we are about to enter - the 1-3 year old stage! It's gonna be fun...

I will spare you all the things Jason can now do and accomplish! But HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!! You are amazing and I love living this life with you!

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