Thursday, July 22, 2010


We had the AWESOME priviledge of meeting some friends at the beach Monday to take pictures of their families. Liz and Kendra did a joint family vacation this year and asked me to come down and do pictures! I thought it was such a priviledge and they thought I would think it was a hassle?!? REALLY?!? Beach, Husband, NO KIDS...hassle?!? No... It was glorious! We had a GREAT ride down there played in the pool, layed in the sun, walked the beach, and took pictures! Really - I'll do that any day!! It's horrible to say but when you take "kids" out of the equation - going anywhere is EASY! Especially if you have kids and know all they entail JUST TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! To go anywhere! But don't be mistaken...I LOVE MY KIDS!! But they are hard work when you want to go somewhere.

Liz actually took these pictures of me and Jason - It was our "pre-pose" - which turned out to be pretty hilarious! Liz has got the idea - just keep snapping! I wanted to get on Jason's back for the picture - with our faces close together and my arms around him - yea... we just found out I can't jump anymore and he can't lift! WOW, we are getting old babe!

Can't get up!

It ain't happenin'!
TA-DA!! But, I was just so proud to be up there I forgot what the pose looked like in my head - ha!! But - I think this will work!
I love you Jason!! You are the best husband in the whole wide world and I LOVE living my life with YOU!!
Here are a few pictures I took for Liz and Kendra!

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Trace Car Driver said...

i love it! the pics are so fun and cute! and it's so funny that ya'll found out he couldn't lift you... i was cracking up :) maybe it wasn't a funny realization, but looking back i bet you laugh! ha.