Monday, July 5, 2010


We hope you had a GREAT fourth of July! We sure did! I kinda like having the 4th on a Sunday! We had a great service Sunday and a lunch all together. It was so delicious and fun! Since Isaac's birthday was Friday we did the smash cake thing with him at church. He likes cake!

We came home and rested a while before heading out to our friends Erin and Tyler's house! We had dinner with them. Tyler took the kids on a four wheeler ride! Then the Colvin's insisted on watching "The Book of Eli" with Jason (to get his input) then for the big finale of the night - fireworks! And Erin just so happened to find "the wedding sparklers" - they burn for 4 minutes! That was exciting! We also did some big fireworks too!

We just had a great time - eating, laughing, and doing fireworks! I'm so thankful for our freedom here in America but as reminded Sunday morning I'm most thankful for our Freedom in Christ! I hope I truly embrace that freedom and stop trying to save myself! Christ has paid an amazing payment for me! I'm truly thankful!

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Trace Car Driver said...

fun fun fun! just caught up on your latest posts... your bday party sounds like it was a blast. and jason and isaac's bday too. can't believe ya'll are all so old. haha! love the pics. we need to hang out soon... i know we don't go to your church, but we still love you. and we are FAMILY! :) ha.