Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Family Fun

Bowling is SO FUN! A couple of weeks ago we went with some friends from church and yesterday we took the kids! I love it!

Vestavia (and many other bowling alley's around) have a summer program called "Kids Bowl Free" - all you pay for is shoes and you get 2 games free!

After a SLIGHT change in plans yesterday (we were headed to Alabama Adventure) we decided to finally use our bowling passes! And in my opinion is was just as fun (if not 'funner')! It's nice and cool in the bowling alley! I like it there! ha!

Silena and I took all the kids and the Cvacho's KILLED the Dollars! Noah is so much like Jason it's not even funny! He tried really hard, many techniques, stances, and styles, all leading to the same result.

I personally think the way to win in bowling is to just throw it down the lane. Don't think about it, don't practice a swing, don't worry about your stance - THROW IT! Actually, throw it halfway down the lane - where it doesn't have time to gutter (even though the kids had bumpers up - they need to be practicing keeping it in the lane!). Anyway, it was a lot of fun even if we didn't win! The kids would get SO EXCITED and hug and scream and jump around! It really is an exciting game!

I love SUMMER!


Silena Cvacho said...

It really was a great day!! :) But most days with you guys, are great!! Can't wait to do it again!! I can, however, wait to do AA!! But too bad Friday is waiting on us!! I am just praying it up!! I am sure the kids will have a blast and that's the most important thing!! Love ya!!

Trace Car Driver said...

so fun! love all the pics... and i totally agree about bowling being better b/c it's in the AC! :) i hate to sweat!! ha. said...

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