Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Year

It's SO hard to believe that on June 6th (really June 7th) we celebrated ONE YEAR at RMLBC. Jason has really worked so hard this past year! I've never been more convicted, inspired, and encouraged by Jason's preaching - I'm starting to wonder if I was even listening to him before!?! I've learned so much from him this last year! I love sitting under him! I see him really loving the people and doing what the Lord has called him to do. He's such a hard worker and a lover of his sheep! I'm so thankful the Lord has given both of us the opportunity to serve Him at this church b/c we both know how undeserved we really are! I honestly feel like the people of RMLBC have ministered to us more than we have to them. They showered us with gifts, love, service, time, they've been nannies, they have been a true friend, a listening ear, a good laugh! We've prayed together, cried together, rejoiced in new life - including our own little Isaac when they barely knew us! As some of you know they have inspired me to pursue photography (they believed in me) and without them I KNOW I would have NEVER taken the plunge! They pushed me!! I love them so much and I just pray that the longer we are at RMLBC (which my prayer would be FOREVER) the more and more we bind ourselves to these people - sharing the gospel and being the gospel to our community and to the world. We love you SOOOO much RMLBC family!!

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Jason Dollar said...

Maybe I should start listening to you too, Page! JK! I am grateful for your words in this post, and am also so thankful for out church. God is gracious and good!