Monday, June 28, 2010

Baseball 2010

So the Baseball season ended for Noah Saturday! We had a great time! We played with the "Joy League" this year in Homewood. They met once a week and played every Saturday. And for a family of 6 - that is a GREAT schedule!! Noah played on the "Yanks" team. As most of you know Jason LOVES the game of baseball. Noah has come to love this game as well, of course he did...what Daddy likes...Noah likes! It fits his personality better than basketball did though, I will admit that! He was constantly frustrated with everyone in his face in basketball. He needed some room and time to think! Baseball...he loves! And he is pretty good at it too.

This year he had an amazing coach, who loved the game and taught the game to the kids. He wasn't loud, over the top, high strung "coachie" type guy. His first rule was - "Don't talk while I'm talking!" He never seemed to have any trouble out of the kids. They listened to him and he taught them the game! The Dad's were really involved too! That was nice to see!

Noah's team were the 2-A Division Champs and Saturday they played the All Stars! All the best players of the other 3 teams played against the Yanks! I was so excited for them. They lost but they played really well. Noah did GREAT, got some RBI's and even passed homeplate Saturday! I'm so proud of him! And I absolutely loved that he had fun playing! Enjoy the pictures from the last BIG game!

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