Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Murder Mystery Party

June 24th - I (the BABY of the family) turned 30!!!!!!! YIKES!! It seemed ok when Chad (my brother) turned 30, fine when Jason turned 30, then Silena, but ME - the BABY - that scares everyone!! The baby should never turn 30 - she should always remain the baby! But it happens. Even the baby will turn 30! And it wasn't so bad!

Delilah had a GREAT idea to celebrate. She had heard of a game, "Murder Mystery Party" and convinced me we had to do one. I found a Luau one that looked very entertaining. And boy...was it entertaining. Each person that came was assigned a part about a week before the party. And the parts fit each person PERFECTLY! It really surprised me! A few people really should have got an award for going above and beyond - in costume and in their acting ability. Sandra...NO PROBLEM finding people for the Christmas play - people have been holding out on you!! I thought I was the drama queen at the church - OH NO!! I was outdone by a few drama KINGS who may have missed their calling in life!!

I had a GREAT time playing this game and visiting with friends. I must say - Jae and David won the "Faithful Friend" award. They drove all the way out from Remlap with TWINS to come celebrate with us and they basically knew NO ONE. Not sure it was so much worth it for them - but my heart was overwhelmed and thrilled to see them! All 4 of them! Y'all are TROOPERS! I was so thrilled that everyone came out and then to play this silly game and spend a night with us put me on cloud nine.

BUT...these people don't do the status quo - I was turning 30 and they decided to go above and beyond. They wanted it to be memorable! Well, that's just what it was. About 30 people from the church pitched in and got me a (brace yourselves) MAC BOOK PRO, IPOD TOUCH, a PRINTER to print my pictures, then other friends and family got me - scrapbook, candle, giftcards, money, a facial, cards, etc. I was shocked...SHOCKED I SAY!!! SHOCKED! It was so fun and definitely a night I will always remember! THANK YOU FRIENDS!! Near and FAR...You mean the world to me!!

Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Baseball 2010

So the Baseball season ended for Noah Saturday! We had a great time! We played with the "Joy League" this year in Homewood. They met once a week and played every Saturday. And for a family of 6 - that is a GREAT schedule!! Noah played on the "Yanks" team. As most of you know Jason LOVES the game of baseball. Noah has come to love this game as well, of course he did...what Daddy likes...Noah likes! It fits his personality better than basketball did though, I will admit that! He was constantly frustrated with everyone in his face in basketball. He needed some room and time to think! Baseball...he loves! And he is pretty good at it too.

This year he had an amazing coach, who loved the game and taught the game to the kids. He wasn't loud, over the top, high strung "coachie" type guy. His first rule was - "Don't talk while I'm talking!" He never seemed to have any trouble out of the kids. They listened to him and he taught them the game! The Dad's were really involved too! That was nice to see!

Noah's team were the 2-A Division Champs and Saturday they played the All Stars! All the best players of the other 3 teams played against the Yanks! I was so excited for them. They lost but they played really well. Noah did GREAT, got some RBI's and even passed homeplate Saturday! I'm so proud of him! And I absolutely loved that he had fun playing! Enjoy the pictures from the last BIG game!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Look a Likes

This picture...

Reminds me of this picture...

And that makes me smile!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the man of my dreams and to the father of these crazy kids! These kids are the reason we get to celebrate today. They make life so insane sometimes! They are so fun, so annoying, so good, so bad, and most of all SO LOVED!!!

Jason is the best daddy to these babies! He loves them, spends time with them, plays with them, listens to them, encourages them, provides for them, and believes in them.

These crazy kids really are amazing gifts from God and I couldn't be more proud of my little family. I think they are the best people in the world. They make all my days brighter - even when they make me want to pull my hair out - it's living - it's life - it's FUN! It's selfless - which is the hardest part but they are making us better people! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger... RIGHT?!?

Thank you LORD... for Jason - the daddy to our beautiful, wonderful, funloving kids! Thank you for Noah, Anna, Mary, and Isaac. Each child has brought a new and different dynamic to our family - each is unique and each one make us "The Dollars"- as we are so often called! Thank you Lord for the challenge of raising these four and thank you for my helper and my best friend Jason! Your blessing abound! Thank you Lord for knowing the plans you had for us and thank you that they included such great people! My heart rejoices in YOUR gifts oh God!!

Another guy I'm SUPER DUPER thankful for is "GRANDADDY" - my dad. He is a GREAT daddy too! There's nothing he won't do for his daughters and sons! He loves with his acts! He looks out for us, protects us, and provides for us. He always has and he always will. I've been married for 10 years now - and when things go wrong for me the first person I call is Dad. Even Jason has adopted him too! He'll now say..."Let's call your Dad! He'll know what to do!" Thank you so much Dad, for loving me! Thank you for loving Jason as your own - and not to mention ALL the love you give to the kids! Thanks for spending your days watching Mary and then watching Mary and Isaac! You are a lifesaver and have proven that over and over again. I know there are days you wish I would spread my wings and fly - but I know in your heart you love when I come running! I really love you Dad and I truly am thankful for all you do as my Dad!

There's another "Dad" that I'm thankful for! Jason's dad Frank! He is so quiet but loves his kids and grandkids! Noah has wrapped "Pop" around his finger! My kids adore this man! Whatever they want to do - they get to do! There's never a not now or not today. You want to make a fire - it's summer - you can make a fire!

He has amazing talent and works wonders with his hands! This has always REALLY impressed me! He made the kids a swing to swing in when we visit and you would think he hung the moon! They make us stop life and enjoy each other! It's not about the hustle and bustle when we are with them.

Again, I rejoice in the Lord for the gift of these amazing men. Not to mention Noah and Isaac who I pray will be great men of God. I pray they find our Savior Jesus and pursue him ETERNALLY! Thank you Lord for this day to enjoy these men. To praise these men. And most of all to give you the glory for the gift of these men! Not to us, oh Lord, not to us - but to your name be the GLORY! THANK YOU Lord!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Year

It's SO hard to believe that on June 6th (really June 7th) we celebrated ONE YEAR at RMLBC. Jason has really worked so hard this past year! I've never been more convicted, inspired, and encouraged by Jason's preaching - I'm starting to wonder if I was even listening to him before!?! I've learned so much from him this last year! I love sitting under him! I see him really loving the people and doing what the Lord has called him to do. He's such a hard worker and a lover of his sheep! I'm so thankful the Lord has given both of us the opportunity to serve Him at this church b/c we both know how undeserved we really are! I honestly feel like the people of RMLBC have ministered to us more than we have to them. They showered us with gifts, love, service, time, they've been nannies, they have been a true friend, a listening ear, a good laugh! We've prayed together, cried together, rejoiced in new life - including our own little Isaac when they barely knew us! As some of you know they have inspired me to pursue photography (they believed in me) and without them I KNOW I would have NEVER taken the plunge! They pushed me!! I love them so much and I just pray that the longer we are at RMLBC (which my prayer would be FOREVER) the more and more we bind ourselves to these people - sharing the gospel and being the gospel to our community and to the world. We love you SOOOO much RMLBC family!!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Ok with VBS behind us - it's time to break out the Popsicles, call the friends, get our swimsuits on and head to the pool! That's right! We love our pool in the backyard!! We love our family and friends who share it with us! And...WE LOVE SUMMER! Thank you Lord for your blessings! Life if fun!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Say Yeessss to VVVVBS

VBS is now in FULL SWING!! For me VBS puts me in a worldwind of emotions. I compare it to the 7 stages of grief! HA! These are not in the proper order but they are when it comes to VBS!

1. Shock and Denial - this becomes evident in my procrastination. It's hard to believe that 4 months have already come and gone and I'm faced with my commitments that I made to VBS! IS VBS ALREADY HERE?!? NO WAY!!!

2. Depression, Reflection, Loneliness - this comes about the week before VBS starts! I look at my lessons and MAN they are CRAMMED with information and things to do that I feel it's more than one person can do!! I get so sad, and start feeling overwhelmed.

3. Anger and Bargaining - this comes about 5 to 6 days before VBS. I get so mad at myself for signing up to teach and taking on a lot of responisiblities. So the Bargaining starts!! Thank you Erin and Mindy for decorating my room. I guess they saw the anger so the bargaining began...if they don't have to teach they can decorate my room! That seemed to work!

4. Reconstructing and Working Through - Ok...I got some troops and some team working with me and Sunday things start looking up! We just jump on this dreaded task because VBS is coming whether we want it to or not! We just buckle down. Get the room decorated and learn LESSON ONE!! Take it one day at a time!

5. Acceptance and Hope - with the room decorated on Sunday, one lesson learned - We are having VBS. I ACCEPT IT!! And now I'm hoping that the Lord brings kids to my class (I'm no longer praying that no one shows up in the 5/6th grade class). I'm hoping that my attitude does not mess up the GREAT things the Lord has in store!

6. The Upward Turn - I start to really study the lessons and it's gonna be great! I'm actually getting excited! Great lessons of God's love and care for his children! Monday I realize I have 3 GREAT kids in my class! And I mean GRRREEEAAATTT!! They aren't teenagers - they are PRE-Teens! They are still respectful, sweet, and have a joy that spills over to their teacher!! The Lord was good to me and I know this for fact because I don't have the class of 20 five year olds!!

7. Pain and Guilt - this comes when I realize just how good the Lord has been, just how FUN VBS really is, just how effective VBS can be, just how worth-it all the stress was! I feel bad for the way I acted before VBS, the way I dreaded sharing the gospel and planting good seeds of hope and love into the lives of children! Lord, FORGIVE ME! This 7th stage is precisely what makes me sign up EVERY YEAR! It's a vicious cycle!

So...this year's VBS has been stressful, YES! But has been SO worth it! It has been great laughing with my kids, seeing them get the biblestories, and last night telling the story of Joseph to some who have never heard it!! What a priviledge! I so take for granted the great stories in the Bible - I forget some have really never heard!!

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to serve you in this year's VBS! Thank you Lord for the kids in my class...may I be a light to them. Thank you for forgiving my sin!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Parents House

We finally got to visit Jason's parents. They took their land, which was all woods, and made something SO beautiful out of it. They have plants of every kind, a garden, swings and benches everywhere to sit and enjoy the beauty of the land. We really enjoyed their company and the kids LOVE to go up there and run free, plant things, and Noah's favorite thing is building a fire (yep...even in summer he won't leave until there is a fire)! It really is beautiful. See for yourself.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

We had a GREAT Memorial Day! Sandra and Norm invited us to the Lake. Which is officially Noah and Anna's FAVORITE place to go. Their favorite part is being able to swim in the lake ALL day long - Norm is always so nice to ride them around in the boat, he'll drag them on innertubes, and they can always find someone to take them out on the Seadoos. They LOVE it! And to me that's not even the fun of it. As an adult I love all that but also it's just plain BEAUTIFUL, there is plenty of sun, the food is TREMENDOUS, and the PEOPLE and fellowship are the BEST. We are blessed with great friends! We are weaseling our way into the Muir/Lewis "family" - and it's only taken 11 months. We're doing good!

I loved taking pictures this year too! The peer is another amazing place to take pictures! Thanks friends for inviting us! EVERYONE slept all night and woke up around 10! We were worn SLAP out today - but it was SO worth it! Thanks for the memories!