Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Success

My prayer this week...
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. Colossians 3:23-24

I find myself wanting to be excellent in this photography field and then think "that's so prideful and sounds so wrong!" Then this verse popped into my head and I began praying it. All this "work" is for the Lord - may it please Him! And as I work hard, and as I want to be excellent - may it be for His pleasing - not mans! I pray he continues to use me - for HIS glory! And I pray HE is pleased with the work that was done.

This past year Mindy has really become a good friend of mine! She has been a lifesaver to me on more than one occasion. A couple of weeks ago she was engaged to Lee - which by the way - she has been hiding! He is such a fun guy. She made me nervous saying "he wasn't gonna smile a lot, he was gonna be nervous, he hates to be put on the spot..." In my mind all that meant, "This is not gonna be fun for him, it's actually gonna be uncomfortable - and he's gonna wanna get it over with ASAP." QUITE THE OPPOSITE (or he played it off well) - he is so funny, fun to be with, a good sport, and in love with Mindy. We had quite a few laughs!


"Outtakes" -
Shea found us in the field - she was escaping from the babies!! Funny she told Jeremy she was going to the Dollar General - Shea - that was clever! He would NEVER figure out you were coming to the "Dollar-General" photoshoot - ha ha ha!!

On a funny note...IT WAS HOT OUT THERE yesterday! I was DRIPPING with SWEAT - DRIPPING! And Mindy (and Lee) remained flawless! FLAWLESS!! Me and "my assistant" Erin we ended the shoot like this ...

Monday, May 24, 2010


To Our Little Orphan Anna -
Keep dancing, spinning, smiling, & loving life. You make our "Hard Knocks Life" fun to live. We love you so much,
Daddy, Mommy, Noah, Mary, & Isaac

Little Orphan Anna!

Annabelle and Anna - Anna absolutely LOVES getting paired up with Annabelle - this is the second time they've gotten to be together!!

Final Pose!

She also wants to be a Rockette!

I have this GREAT friend Shalita - who everyone loves! And at times I get so overwhelmed that she loves me too!! She teaches dance at 5678 Dance in Springville, where YES...I'm crazy enough to drive out there because I'm telling y'all SHE ROCKS! This year's recital theme was Annie - and it was SO MUCH FUN!! All the girls did GREAT!

Anna was such a big girl this year. She knew her dance really well and she also got to dance with the "big girl class" - which made her look even bigger! In typical Anna fashion she made a memory for us. Her hat came off in the middle of her dance and she couldn't get it back on just right! HILARIOUS!! She's the cutest thing ever! I love how it doesn't bother her - she just kept going and really enjoyed herself.

What can I say...she LOVES the stage! Take a few minutes and watch the videos! Even if you can't find her - the dances are SO cute I think you will enjoy them anyway!

Thanks Shalita for being so AWESOME!! I love you - I say that along with a million other people that love you - but I think you know I love you just a smidge more than everyone else! Loved the recital - you DID GREAT!

"It's a Hard Knocks Life"


This next video is "I wanna be a Rockett" - they are all SO CUTE!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I love how the people at our church are prodding me and growing me - pushing me to excellence. While also ... humoring me! Most of the pictures (ok - ALL but one of the pictures) I've have taken lately have been of our church members. Who have seen potential and are giving me experience. Were it not for them - I would not be on this journey. Really - they planted the seed.

This past Monday I got to "work" (like that Huguley's?) with Kevin and Malerie. They will celebrate their 5 year anniversary, May 21st. Malerie was SUPPOSED to wear her wedding dress but with the rain and the weather she chose not to. She wanted some "plain" (and by plain I mean "normal clothes") pictures. So, before I took ANY pictures I made her promise to get that dress out next time. BUT WOW... I shocked myself at this photoshoot. I feel SO amateur, and I am. I'm shocked every time someone asks me to take pictures for them. I'm shocked at some of the shots I get. I can't figure this picture taking thing out. I will do a shoot and feel like the whole thing was not me - MOST DEFINITELY GOD and the people - really every time I pray for days before and then all the way to the shoot! I think I've told them all..."that was a God thing!" And I truly feel like every time it has been! I feel like every shoot I've done - I can't do again!

In this case, Kevin and Malerie (really Malerie *wink*) are SO beautiful. I love when people aren't shy of the camera. At one point Malerie said, "Are these even turning out?" Because they were so laid back and natural! I had a blast and y'all would have cracked up laughing at me while I edited them. My heart was racing - I had a HUGE smile on my face - even laughed out loud a couple of times. Every picture made me think of the fun we were having out there! And when I was pleased with them I got even more excited. I love that as a gift, I can give these to them - it's not a gift that can be put in a yardsale or one that will be put in the trash, eaten, worn for a short time, it can't be outgrown, or even given away. It's a gift that even if it is put away for a time in the top of a closet - it will be found again and bring back a memory of days gone by - a time that even when life was hard, and God's will seemed unsure, they could laugh and enjoy each other, and realize - Love Remains! They are truly a beautiful couple! And I love them both so much.

Here are a some of my personal favorites the others can be seen here:

This was the first shot and WOW...It is one of my all time favorites!

Told ya...She's beautiful!

I wish I staged this one...BUT NO...the boy LOVES his phone! AND, he made the phone call!

I LOVE THE TRACKS...It's my new favorite picture spot!

And the Jail...Is Kevin's "new favorite spot"

Thanks so much for giving me the pleasure of working with y'all! It truly was an honor for me and I hope I did not disappoint. Thanks for letting me use the funky colors and washouts in my editing too!

You're Beautiful...

pictures taken for HIS glory!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I've Been Up To...

I've been waiting to share this post and I wanted to share it AFTER mothers day ,by request of ONE person - but then something tragic happened and so I'm sharing!! I will not post faces (wink).

I've had SO much fun lately taking pictures for friends these days!! I wanted to show and tell, I guess you might say.

I've been given the opportunity to take "Maternity" pictures! Which scare me - I don't want to be awkward or see anyone naked - SO, thankfully my friends don't like that either...ha!! I thought they turned out great - for me...The beginner beginner beginner!!

Then to the kiddos! It is so great to have beautiful kids (beautiful people period) to capture. Makes my picture taking look like more than what it really is...

I also made some pictures to hang in Noah's room - Abstract Artsy - you might say. We are trying to do his room in baseball stuff - but not the baby looking baseball stuff...NICE. COOL. Baseball stuff!! He loved the pictures! I just printed them out yesterday and I like them! I just have to get them framed now! Things take a while around here!

So...what's so tragic? You might ask. While I'm SO enjoying all these offers and I'm absolutely LOVING the pictures - MY CAMERA BREAKS!!! They call it a FIRMWARE problem. It can be fixed for FREE but it must be sent to Canon. That's GREAT but I've got a lot of exciting things coming up!! 2 of my friends are having twins - One friend has requested my presence for picture taking - the other, well, I'm just coming anyway (Jae - that's you). Anna's DANCE RECITAL is in 2 weeks, her Kindergarten graduation is in two weeks. AND, the funnest of all...I was asked to do some post wedding pictures. My friends have been married, I think for 5 years, now but she wants some artsy pictures!! (and props to her by the way for being able to fit in her wedding dress after 5 years...I couldn't do that after my HONEYMOON!) We were both SO excited and I was supposed to do that Monday the 10th...hmmmmm! So my heart is sad! I still want to play. I feel like I've been told I can't play with my friends anymore! So, we are working on it - trying to get the Canon to "Canon Blvd" but life is still happening and getting to the post office has become a chore!! So, I'm praying it's just the firmware problem and nothing more! Until then, I will wait patiently and try to have a "happy heart" - it's hard...But I'm trying!

Update since I typed this earlier...
Our friend Brandon (who is an amazing photographer) is letting me borrow his NIKON - hope I can work it...It makes my heart happy either way!