Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Some families from Rock Mountain Lakes met me at Botanical Gardens for Easter Pictures. ONE RULE: NO EXPECTATIONS! My goal was to give them Easter pictures so Sunday wouldn't be so hectic! The kids were all so sweet and cute. The day didn't go without disaster - there were a couple of falls and mud stains, not to mention the numerous trees they wanted to climb - but I think all the mom's were happy!

My kids on the other hand were NOT there for the pictures. The babies were mad I interrupted their snacks and most of the time they refused to smile. Isaac looked so confused in all our pictures! Mary was sleepy and Anna had a GOOFY grin on her face (not to mention she CANNOT sit still), Noah bless his heart tried but we needed all parties to cooperate. I concluded 4 is a CROWD! But I'll get them again - I'm not worried. I just wanted to do a good job for my friends!

I had a blast taking pictures but also fellowshipping, laughing, and walking with my friends through the beautiful gardens made for a VERY fun time! Thanks friends for spending the day with me and my camera!

Enjoy the pictures...


Monday, March 29, 2010


Noah had his FIRST EVER Baseball game Saturday. Jason LOVES the game of baseball, so for Noah to finally be able to play is exciting for the whole family. His team is the "Yanks" - which makes Jason's heart sink but for Noah he will be happy! The organization we are playing with is very low key which works well for our family of 6. Noah got to the plate one time and he got his first hit, first RBI, and he actually got batted in. So that was a GREAT start to the season. Unfortunately his team lost the first game but they all played really well. Noah loved it! That's all that matters.

Will plays on the "Cards" - they are in different "divisions" so they won't even play against each other. They are so cute though! I love these two!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another One

Aidan Thomas Gamble
7 lbs. 10 oz.
20 inches long
Born March 23, 2010 around 2 p.m.

RMLBC had another baby! This time...IT'S A BOY!! See for yourself he is SO precious. He's got GREAT lips that seem so kissable! Not to mention a little dimple in his chin. Congrats Gamble's!! He's ADORABLE!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ok friends! .Parents and Grandparents have seen this "video" Jason and I made of Ella Grace. I've been dying to share it! As promised pictures are here!!

This whole video is a God thing. We had to get there at just the right time (which we did - and did NOT plan it that way) - we had to have the perfect Daddy (we did) the sweetest baby (see for yourself), the most loving Momma (check) - Not to mention the Grandparents are top of the line - and we needed all the aunts and uncles to adore this long awaited beautiful creation and GIFT from the Lord (got it). The LORD did it ALL! I could not pull this off on my own - I promise , it would have been a flop had I tried to plan it! You will see just how sweet this family is in this video!

Again, I don't know how to say it but this family is amazing friends and an amazing blessing to us personally and to our church. I really don't think you have to know them personally to enjoy this video. Get the tissues - it's precious!


Monday, March 22, 2010

2 Down 2 to Go...

My heart is overwhelmed with gladness! March 14, 2010 Anna got baptized! I rejoice with Anna that she has decided to follow Jesus all the days of her life. She has made a decision to let Him lead. It comes with much relief to me. 2 down 2 to go. I pray that Noah and Anna both will live for Christ in a way that glorifies and honors Him. I pray that becoming a Christian early in life will save them much heartache and less regrets. I pray Jason and I can teach them godly character and raise them in a way that pleases the one we serve. I'm overly excited to spend eternity with the family God has given me on earth. Thank you Lord for your forgiveness of sin, for your mercy and love - that is showered down on all who believe!

The minute her head came out of the water she said, "Wow, I want to do that again!" She's a mess!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's a Girl

Ella Grace Huguley
6 lbs 2 oz
19.25 inches long
Born March 15, 2010
5:57 p.m.

She's beautiful! More pictures to come of her sweetness and her amazingly sweet family too! This was so exciting - Thanks Brian and Angela for letting me in on a VERY sweet intimate moment! No expectations right?!? Love you guys!!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Five little babies all in a row! The second to last one said..."It's time to go!"

Angela 37 Weeks Pregnant!

I'm so excited to say that Angela is having her baby today! Her and her husband have been a "God-send" to Jason and I. They have loved our babies since the day we met them (June 2009)! They have been great friends to our family. They have had a rough 2 years, last April Angela lost sweet Brianna when she was 7 months pregnant with her. Our hearts are saddened and we still weep with them today! I didn't even know them then but when I had Isaac she was all I thought about. She was always so loving to me when I was pregnant and then helped out tremedously when Isaac was born. I know her heart was breaking yet she continued to minister to our family! Her acts of kindness have always meant so much to me. She came to visit me in the hospital when Isaac was born - I was SHOCKED when she walked through the door! I loved seeing her but could not image the pain she was going through, and it was hard for her! She taught me a little more about the love of Christ that day (and the days that followed). I can't wait to visit her in the hospital - and hold and love on her bundle of joy!
In July 2009 - they announced they were pregnant again (in fear) - But we ALL REJOICED and have been rejoicing ever since! But today we rejoice even more because today is the day that "Baby H" will be delivered! At 38 weeks - Baby H says, "It's time to go!" They did not find out this time if they were having a boy or a girl and we are all anxiously awaiting those precious and exciting words..."It's a ______!"

I can't wait for Brian and Angela to hear Baby H's sweet cries (I know Lori - I love it - it's sick but so sweet), hear Baby H's sweet grunts, feel the tinyness of Baby H, smell that beautiful baby smell, (they say baby H has hair - can't wait to see how much!), I can't wait for them to be able to savor all the beautiful and wonderful things that a sweet newborn brings! Did I mention the "sweet buttered popcorn smell"? - I can't wait for them to experience that - ha ha ha!!

Brian and Angela we are praying for you right now and through out the day (and days to come)! We rejoice with you! We love you three so much! We especially thank the Lord for allowing us to work together in ministry and for allowing our paths to cross as friends! We thank the Lord for this precious baby! You two are GREAT parents already (and I can say that b/c you help raise mine- ha ha ha)!


Rest assured baby pictures are coming! My hopes are high that I can capture sweet moments! I know I'm gonna have a beautiful subject!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today was the AmeriKids performance. It was so cute! Yes, I dreaded finding that costume and working a little to make it happen but it was all worth it. Noah was absolutely adorable - and so was Will and Hannah. Noah represented the Airforce in the last song they sang, Hannah had a lead role as Pipsqueak (she actually kicked the whole performance off - Hannah you were AWESOME!), and Will was (in his own words) "just a singer." And he was SO proud of that by the way and a GREAT singer!

Hannah Rockin' Centerstage!


After the show...

His costume says "Navy" but the online it says "Airforce" see...here

Aren't they sweet!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Flat Stanley

Heard of him? Apparently he LOVES to travel b/c he got smushed flat and now can fit in envelopes (did I get the story right?). Now it was our turn to send him on an adventure. And wow, did we send him on an adventure!! It's one Noah would LOVE to take himself. So where did we send little Flat Stanley? He went on TOUR with RUSH OF FOOLS!!!! How fun is that!?!

Where did they go?

Left from Alabama to Gatlinburg & Nashville, TN and then to Marion, Ohio

Can you see what Flat Stanley is excited about? It's the space needle
at the north side of our own state, sweet home Alabama!

Making our way back into Tennessee. The rear view mirror was one of FS's favorite places to be, cause it gave him a great view of the whole van.

FS learned quickly who the hardest working member of the band is: our
road manager, Mr. Adam Brake. Here you see FS agrees that he's getting
some much needed rest.

One of the things FS has seen us do a lot on the road is keep up with
all of our social networking sites. You can see by his smile here that
Facebook is his favorite.

Ohio is a snowy place. FS appreciates the white stuff much more than
any of the Fools.

What did Flat Stanley do?

He worked the shows!

This is what our van looks like early in the morning. Where is everyone? Asleep. FS always seemed confused by this. He was always ready to be going 90 to nothing.

Testing 1... 2... 3...

All FS would do during load out was point and smile. Pretty selfish.

FS was pointing out our merchandise booth to a bunch of chairs. He
didn't realized that the show had not started yet. Silly guy.

And played with the Band's "stuff" - Which I think is what he enjoyed the MOST!

So we caught FS breaking into one of our cases trying to play the
guitar. We tried to explain to him that he needed a smaller and
flatter flat top, but he just didn't listen.

Takin' it Center-stage!

and enjoyed the weather...SNOW!

One way in which FS is far different than the Fools is that he is
smiling while it's snowing. Snow is yucky and cold to us, but it
doesn't seem to bother him much.

Thanks SO MUCH, Kevin and RUSH OF FOOLS! Y'all are GREAT friends!
Here's what his actual project looked like..