Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Attempt

I'm attempting to step up my game, in the picture taking realm! I just got in the mail my BRAND NEW LENS!! It's a f/1.8 50mm lens! And of course my subjects, they were neither willing...

nor ready (check out the hair)

But I did find one happy buddy who would fancy me!

And you may be thinking...Really, that's great - can't tell much of a difference! But let me just say...these pictures were taken in my living room (dim lighting) NO FLASH (WHOO to the HOO) and the children can move (like kids will do) and there isn't a hint of blur. LOVE IT!! I only want to learn more and get better. Let's remember Christmas...

This picture was also taken in my living room, with no flash! HOPEFULLY...I will no longer have to "scream" - "BE PERFECTLY STILL!" And poor kids they were being as still as they could - but I just had the wrong lens!

SO, know...I've stepped up my game!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Noah!

It's been eight years ago today that our FIRST BORN SON came into the world. Noah James Dollar weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds 12 oz. and 22 in. long. I felt like superwoman - maybe because that movie was on while I was in labor or maybe because I really was!! I love Jason so much, dating and our wedding was fun but my favorite day EVER in the whole wide world (and he will admit this too) was/is the birth of our children. We were so amazed that we could love so much - unconditionally. Noah made us so PROUD! He was big and handsome and sweet as anything. He was our "Gentle Giant" as my sister called him. He was the most cuddly baby, very mild mannered and laid back. I've loved watching him grow up to be this little man. He's a thinker. He believes in a BIG God that can move mountains and is involved in our lives. I love his childlike faith and envy it most of the time. He amazes me everyday with his quick wit and charm. He's my favorite little boy in the whole world. Who teaches me everyday how to be a mommy, how to sacrifice, and how to love without holding back! He's made life so much sweeter.

To Noah James Dollar - I love you more than I could ever say with words! "I love you" does not do justice to how my heart feels. You are my pride and joy. May the Lord continue to do the work He has so graciously started in you! And may you always "Set your mind on things above" Col. 3:1. And Dad says: "There are millions of six year old boys in the world, some of them are really great kids. But of ALL the eight year old boys in the world - YOU ARE MY FAVORITE! I love you big dog!"

Here's another slide show...Eight years of No-ie!! This is truly living!!

I took this post from my 2008 birthday post for Noah - I still mean every word! Noah has changed my life forever! He is still my pride and joy (+3 more). This year has been amazing!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Snow...

YAY!! We got our long awaited SNOW! And like my cousin Amy said, "Funny how I had to go home from TN to ALABAMA to get the snow I so longed for!" But, I'm glad I was home with the kids because they had a lot of fun in it. They got to go to school for a "full" day (let out at 12) which gave the snow time to accumulate. When they got home there was a nice layer of snow for them to play in. Jason even came home and played with them too. Me, no playing for me...I just took pictures!

I look like Elf here, "Does someone need a hug?" ha ha ha!! It's hard to take a picture by myself.

Noah's HUGE snowball

Jason playing with Mary - SO SWEET!

My Valentine!

Love to see him laugh...

Me and Noah! Love him...he is turning 8 this week!! CRAZY!

Baby's 1st Snow...He looks so unsure about it!

Tastes YUMMY!

Oops...she slid in, but not without a pose!

The boys made a snowman! That's the biggest either one of them has ever made! GO BOYS! He's still standing now...but an arm has fallen off and so has his face. Oh well, he was cute yesterday!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Weekend

Same title. Now we just live for the weekends I guess...

For Real...and For Silly...

I had a GREAT was wonderful! Delilah, Malerie, and I went to Gatlinburg for a women's retreat my mom and her friends led. The topic was "An Intimate Weekend with God." The thing I learned and took from it was...Quit making Jason your Joy and your kids your Life! That was a very hard lesson for me. Lately, I've been feeling very unsatisfied and I keep telling Jason I want him to fill that void that I'm feeling and he keeps telling me (in a VERY loving way) - "Only Christ can fill that void!" And I know that in my head but actually making Christ "IT" - will be a wonderful freedom for me. Christ has prepared a home for me - a real place. He is the lover of my soul - he pursues me and has demonstrated REAL love for me. He lives in me - FOR REAL - and I should no longer offer "lip service" to that reality but start experiencing the fact that Christ in me is the HOPE OF GLORY!

We also had a lot of fun just being together! Not being the wife or the mom - just being girlfriends - hangin' out! We ate, talked, laughed and danced and of course that led to MUCH more laughing! Enjoy the pictures!

If you can't beat them...
Join them!


I thought we were taking serious pictures...should've known!

For every serious have a CRAZY one!

Group picture everyone...

My family got to come this year - these are my cousins from TN!!

Connie - sweet Connie (I think I look like her)

Delilah and I learning our dance moves! We are really about to get our GROOVE on...
Thanks for the weekend Mom!! AND, thanks Delilah and Malerie for going with me! I love you both so much! Y'all are so fun to be with...

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Weekend...

First - this is NOT a joke! Jason went hunting Saturday with some guys from church! Didn't even see anything though...BUMMER! But look how cute he is!! Love him!

And second...we spent some F.U.N. time with our GREAT friends Dave and Christy! I absolutely love when the four of us get together (which has been a year - until now)! I wish and hope we can see each other more in the near future! I will spare you the pictures of Dave and Jason playing the be honest they look quiet Funny - and yes...I mean "ha ha funny" - actually there are SEVERAL blackmailing pictures of ALL of us! We love you Davis and Crystal - unconditionally love you!!