Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

We really did have an amazing Christmas Day! As I mentioned before, I let the kids stay up REALLY late so I told them that they COULD NOT wake me up until at least 7:30 a.m. I have the best kids by the way! They set their alarms and woke me up at 7:30 a.m.! I was really unsure how Jason would feel but he woke up feeling 100% better! He took a shower and the kids and I laid in bed and wondered and talked about what they saw in the living room and what could be in all the presents! We got Isaac & Mary up and changed and ventured into our Wonderland!! The kids just looked for a while in wonder - which I just love that feeling!!

THEN...everyone opened their presents and played for a little while. Everyone got movies (How to Train Your Dragon, Toy Story 3, Secret Garden, Matilida, and of course Mickey Mouse Choo-Choo Express), the kids got wii games and a DS game, everyone got a camera, everyone got clothes and PJs, everyone got books! Anna and Mary got a doll, Noah and Anna got banks, Isaac got blocks, and a microphone. Anna, Mary, and Isaac got PILLOW PETS, while Noah got a couple of fleece blankets. Noah got a Nerf gun set, Star Wars Legos, Double Light Sabers, and we gave him my ipod touch. Anna got a cupcake maker which she just had to have - it was NASTY!!! So later I got her an Easy Bake Oven. She also got a hair brush microphone, and a keyboard - Jason is going to teach her how to play! Mary was excited about all her stuff too! She got a Minnie Bowtique playset (she is IN LOVE with Mickey & Minnie) and a GUITAR! She loves to play guitar! Isaac's didn't get as much as everyone else b/c I had ordered him a Radio Flyer Bumper Car that never came in...he will get it though! Thank goodness he never noticed...ha ha! But he had a great Christmas - I think I've listed everything he got! LOTS of CANDY too!!!

I was super excited about heading up to Huntsville b/c there was SNOW! At our house it was raining while we opened our presents and then as we were leaving it was snowing - but it was VERY wet and mixed with rain! We hit Cullman and it was SNOW and it was on the ground! We ALL were so excited that we were having a WHITE CHRISTMAS and enough snow to play in! It was absolutely beautiful at my Mamma's house!! My Uncle helped Anna make a snowman and by the time they were giving him personality the cousins got they finished him up and had a snowball fight! They would come in - warm up and got again! It was so much fun when everyone got there!

It was just perfect this year...we had snow, lots of food, a wonderful family to share it with, and new baby to love (baby Timothy - SOOO sweet - we had so much fun passing him around). Blessing abound!!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

This Christmas Eve was a little different for us! It's amazing that this Christmas was the BEST and WORST all at the same time! Thursday night Jason was hit HARD by a kidney stone! We had to call 911 and he was taken by ambulance because of the intensity of the pain! We were at the ER from 9-11 p.m. I've never seen anything like it and definitely fear getting a kidney stone! I'm so thankful they allowed us to go home too! They said he would get more rest there - but the resting was minimal. He was in so much intense pain and Dr. Gamble called us the next morning and said the pain meds he was on were the lowest dose! Dr. G to the rescue and he was able to manage the pain and drink, drink, drink...LOTS of WATER!! And Friday around 7 p.m. he passed the stone - but he was up for NO celebrations!

So...I had a TON to do! Sally had the kids which we have sorta made a tradition of...THANK YOU SALLY! With Jason in so much pain, me having so much to do, and the kids SUPER excited about Christmas - they had to go...Sally came to the rescue once again!! After a day of pleading with the kids to settle down 2:30 finally arrived and we met Sally and I headed to Mom's house to wrap, wrap, wrap!! At which point I didn't want to give the kids ANYTHING because WOW...they were somewhat out of control! But a break from them made all things better! Mom helped me so much with the wrapping! Dad and Mom also took me to Milos for dinner, and then it was back to wrapping!

We had a fabulous Christmas! Lots of gifts because we have LOTS of kids! I loaded all the gifts into Sally's TINY car and I felt like Santa driving his sleigh! When we got home I hid them all throughout the house (in the unloading a sustained a back injury - I now have a HUGE bruise - but it was a battle scar!) and then the kids arrived!

Jason did pass his stone while I was at my mom's house but he still felt very drugged and sore so he stayed in the bed. A couple of times he attempted to join us - he watched the kids open Christmas Eve presents - but had to leave when Isaac had a come apart about taking pictures! So, Isaac and Jason headed to bed and the big kids and I watched "A Christmas Story" one time and then they went to bed too! I let them stay up until about 12 - to me that was better than fighting them to go to sleep! They were asleep FAST! They set their alarms to wake up at 7:30 a.m. I told them since they got to stay up so late they had to let me sleep SOME in the morning! My kids are AWESOME! They woke me up at 7:30 am ready for Christmas!!

I think I stayed up putting things out and watching "A Christmas Story" (again) until 2:30 a.m. It was at that point that I really wish Jason could have been awake with me. I love that time! It's so exciting to see the magic all happen! This was the best Christmas in a long time! I loved all the gifts I got everyone and I bought them all with cash from taking pictures! It made Christmas so fulfilling and I felt the joy of gift giving!! When you have something to give it feels great! Thank you all who asked me to take pictures - you made my Christmas!!

So here are the pictures I took - I hate Isaac was so mad he didn't get in the picture! But next year...I'm sure he will cooperate! I'll start praying about that now!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Celebrating Anna!!

If you know Anna - then you know she is really something to be celebrated! I think I say this all the time but she is the LIFE of our PARTY of SIX!! Which is a blessing and a curse - but mostly a blessing!

This girl is amazing to me! She is super smart, super sweet, super DRAMATIC, super loving, and SUPER DUPER FUN!!

Her sweet birthday is Dec. 24th. She said, "I just can't believe my birthday is one day before Jesus'" - see...she makes me laugh! I can't believe it either! The day she was born was one of my all time favorite days!

This year she has grown up so fast! For Christmas this year she wanted things like shoes, clothes, and a purse! So, I had to throw a couple of dolls in there too! She loves to dress up, loves wigs, and being "popular"!!

So, Dec. 23rd we decided to celebrate her birthday with a girls night out! She acts so grown up when we go out just the two of us and we always have so much fun! Our friend Rey works at the Rave and let us in to see Tangled. We sat on the top row in the center with our popcorn (which we put M&Ms in) coke and our 3D glasses -READY TO GO! The movie is sooooo good! We had the best time. I can't wait to own that movie! Then we headed to Edgars to get some birthday treats...which we went a little overboard in there! We bought cupcakes (which was what we went in there for), thumbprint shortbread cookies (my favorite), and 2 GINGERBREAD MEN! Then we headed to Johnny Rockets for our "dinner" where we met Granny and they sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her a HUGE Sunday! She didn't think they would sing to her because it wasn't her ACTUAL birthday - so she was so happy and surprised! She loves attention! Then we headed to Kohls to shop with Granny, who was in the mood to spend.

We came home on cloud 9!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Tradition Still Remains...

Time to see Santa - the REAL Santa! I'm so glad Delilah and I have discovered the Bass Pro Shop! It's our new Santa stop! Every year we try and go see Santa all together. Which I need to find all our pictures and post sometime! For years we went to the Galleria and would pay about $25 for 2 5X7 pictures that aren't always the best! Bass Pro Shop - FREE plus we get to take our own pictures and play with all their cool stuff! It is so much fun and this year was the 2nd Annual there! We went at night this time - the line was a bit longer - waited for about 45 minutes - but there is so much for the kids to see and play with that it doesn't feel that long!

The line we waited in...

The wait...

The games...

The pictures...

THE PICTURE (Poor Isaac)

Ian LOVES Santa - he's always so sweet!!

And then Delilah MUST play her game before we leave! She only plays it once a year!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Beautiful

Alabama Theater!

Tuesday we had a WONDERFUL lunch with some GREAT friends - Keith and Amy, & family, who we love dearly! It just makes me miss them so much when we get to hang out with them! Thanks for having lunch with us!! We really really really enjoyed it!

That night we had planned to go to see Elf with Julie (a friend I work with) and her husband at the Alabama Theater. But as the time grew closer her husband had a work appointment they couldn't miss! I was so sad - but still wanted to go see Elf. So, when we had lunch with Keith and Amy we asked them to go and they said they would "think" about it! Apparently they thought -NOT! But Jason and I love the movie so we decided to still go and take the big kids! Let's just say we were not friendless!!

When we got there I'm unloading kids and getting my camera out and we see Brian and Shannon from Ridgecrest! We were so excited to see them! And they told us that Wendy and Allen were coming too! WHOO HOO...a party!! We all sat together and after we found seats I turn around to see the ministry I work with right behind me! I'm so glad we didn't decide to stay home!

Elf was AMAZING on the big screen! We had a blast! Thanks Jason for taking us out! Enjoy the pictures...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Nothing like a girls night out! Thanks Kendra for planning and hosting a fabulous night! I love getting together with these girls! We enjoyed dinner at Sumo which was so delicious - Delilah and I shared steak and chicken and I cleaned my plate! I was a little sad about that part! I don't do that usually - ha ha ha!! But it was SO delicious - of course there were a ton of laughs that went along with the dinner!!

Getting together with the girls gets me a little rowdy - which is probably a good reason to stay away from alcohol!! My friend Sondra used to say, "We are just high on life!" Apparently I was last night!! But I had fun!!

We played Dirty Santa/Ornament swap! It was so fun! This time I was #4 - I thought it was a bummer but it wasn't! All the ornaments were so cute so really you couldn't lose - I made it my goal to steal from Shea but she finally got me back! But once again I could choose what ever I wanted! I got the sentimental gift to support Childhood Cancer!! LOVE IT!! It has Swarovski Crystals in it - beautiful butterfly!! After the swap they allowed me to play with my tripod and flash - hence all the pictures! I left very happy!!

Then to top off the night - Delilah and I were just so overjoyed to not have any kids we headed to Toys R Us and bought some little Christmas gifts - last minute stuff! NO ONE was there! I LOVE SHOPPING LATE AT NIGHT!! LOVE IT!! We had the best time together! And the Daddy's were happy too - because it was 11 p.m. so everyone was asleep! N.I.C.E - win win!!

All in all another WONDERFUL night filled with laughs (a few tears - oops!), stuffed with food, overflowing with love!! Girls - YOU ROCK!

Monday, December 20, 2010


What could cause such a hateful reaction!?! WELL, her mother told her I STOLE this from her!! Yea...that's right OUR Sunday School class was playing Dirty Santa and can you believe I got #1 (that NEVER happens) and Jason got the LAST NUMBER! We could basically take home anything! The choices were slim really! I was about to go home with a napkin holder...BUT, I got to go last and snagged this Hello Kitty Sandwich maker from Riley's mom!! SWEET! So...yes I stole it but I did follow the rules! THANKS Di's!!! Love you!! NOTE TO SELF - kids shouldn't play dirty Santa - they WILL come away traumatized! Especially if Delilah and I are playing - we are in it to win it!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Let me just say first off...I LOVE OUR YOUTH at RMLBC!!! Every year at RMLBC Santa comes to see the kids! This year I encouraged them all to freak out like Elf when Santa came in - and they did! It was the best Santa entrance EVER...EVER!! I loved it - it got the little kids excited too!!

This is not all the youth - just my personal favorites! HA HA! Sorry Matt...where were you!?!

I'll have you know the kids ALL lied to Santa - they told him they were ALL good this year! REALLY?!? ALL of them?!? Mary - absolutely! Ella - yep! Levi - uh-huh, Aiden - YES! Anna - questionable, Noah - questionable, Ian, Riley, Pudge, Carson...QUESTIONABLE!!! I think Andrew just showed Santa how "good" he was! W.O.W - Isaac followed suit!

So here are some of the pictures from meeting with Santa! And by the way...I LOVE when kids hate Santa - LOVE IT!!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's time to Party Harty!!!

My mom can really throw a party! And Christmas is her FORTE! She makes Christmas so magical - and always has!! Her packages are perfect with all sorts of cutsie bows - with the BEST presents inside!! She is the best gift giver! Her food SUPER YUMMY!! And my family is amazing! I love when we all get together. It's a shame we don't do it more - but it makes times like this so sweet and a memory to treasure!

Jason and I got "North Face" jackets! I LOVE MINE! LOVE IT!! I also got some puzzle books with pens and some lotions and bath wash! Jason got a giftcard to Lifeway! We were super happy!

Noah got a butterfly in a jar, a poster, a yoyo, and electric scooter from Granny and Grandaddy, he got a nerf gun from Silena (which was better than everyone elses - I know b/c I bought all the boys the other nerf guns!), and he also got a monogrammed towel from Chad and Karyn along with some fart noises!! I know that came from Turner!

Anna got a monogrammed towel and lip glosses (which one went down the bathroom sink drain - oops) from Chad, Silena got her a bracelet making bead set (yea...most of those got vacuumed up - oops), Granny and Grandaddy got her a bracelet, Twinkle Toe shoes (they make us think the cops are after us when we are driving), a new "popular" purse, and the Wii game Babysitting Mama! She racked up!!

Mary got a monogrammed towel and a Mr. Potato head (which she calls "My Boy") from Chad and Karyn, She got a baby Cinderella doll from Silena (which she adores), Granny and Grandaddy got her a laughing Monkey (which is annoying and hilarious), a bracelet, coloring books and crayons - she LOVES to color, and her big gift was the Dancing Mickey!

Isaac got a monogrammed towel and a tractor/farmer toy from Chad and Karyn, Silena got him chunky mini Tonka trucks, and from Granny and Granddaddy he got a pooh phone that sings and talks, a yo-yo Woody doll, and a Little People car drop tower. He didn't know what was going on but he likes all this toys!! He LOVES puppy chow! If that was all Granny got him he would have been just fine!!

This is my favorite picture of us!! Thanks mom & dad for all our gifts - you always spoil us so much!! We love you!!

After Granny's Christmas we headed to the Branch's for a open house Christmas Party. We left the kids in the car and promised them cookies! They had a blast listening to Newsboys, playing with their new toys - better than having to be still at a Christmas Party!! We were back in no time with the promised cookies! I LOVE THE BRANCH'S!! It was so wonderful seeing them!!

Then...Mary started to develop an asthma attack on our way to the third party! Plus it was getting late! But the third party I was NOT going to miss! It was the annual LAWRENCE party and it was the first time we had been invited!! We made it in time to carol!! Which was so fun with a huge group of people going through the neighborhood caroling! And I kept warm with my Northface! HA HA!! While we caroled Jason ran to the church to get a breathing treatment for Mary and when he got back we called it a night and left!! We are already planning to attend next year's party!! Thanks for the invite! We love us some Lawrence/Ramos people!!

So we party-harty(d) that night!!