Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Anna!

Hard to believe Anna - the life of our P-A-R-T-Y is 6 years old today! She truly is a gift from God and brings our family SO MUCH character! She loves life - loves to laugh (and cry) - she has a JOY that will drive you nuts - but I wouldn't trade it for anything! She loves with a passion but is very independent! I love you Anna - more than words can say! Happy 6th Birthday!

Sugar and Spice and all things nice - you are our baby girl! You look like your Momma does - will you be the same that she once was? You are our baby girl!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We've Been Hustlin' and Bustlin'

Ok...Wow, December is officially halfway over and it literally feels like it started yesterday! Once again - SOOOO much has been going on - all of it fun, of course, just VERY busy! VERY!

We kicked off December with a goal of finding the perfect tree! We headed to Pine Hill Tree Farm - for me it wasn't about the tree! If you know me - it was about getting the perfect pictures! And that - I feel we accomplished! WOW, it was FREEZING!! We got some GREAT pictures but we didn't find our tree. We ended up on HWY 31 at a tree stand giving their proceeds to Jimmy Hale Mission - and felt like a Christmas Story. Every tree the guy would give his spill about Anna would say "We'll take it!" (with perfect enthusiasm). We did in fact find the perfect tree! Everyday Mary will say "Hey Tree!" or "Night Tree!" She loves it! Mission Accomplished!

NEXT UP...Sips n Strokes! I put the word out that I wanted to go to SNS to do the Candy Cane Forest painting - we all signed up then realized it was going to end right when "THE GAME" was starting. So no one wanted to go anymore - so we cancelled - EXCEPT Angela couldn't cancel her appointment because it too late to cancel! So, YAY, I got to go!! And we didn't miss ANY of the game! We had a GREAT time and our pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I think I'm gonna teach Noah and Anna how to paint it so mine won't be alone on the wall!

And then...the day we'd all been waiting for! Hollywood knocked at my door and I answered the call!! Our church did a drama - Operation Christ Child. It was SO fun! I have to admit it was A LOT funner than I thought it would be! I'm still waiting for pictures to surface! I don't have any pictures of my amazing costume but it was HILARIOUS!! I played the part of the "Innkeeper" - and that doesn't sound so bad - but poor thing was a bit of an "airhead" - yea...she was a blond! She somewhat resembled Dolly Parton. Jason played Herod - and he was TERRIFIC! Everyone did a GREAT job and it was so fun working with the cast and getting to know everyone better! The only pictures I have are the ones I took the night of rehearsal! But WOW! It was the highlight of my December so far! I was totally out of my element and I thrived...ha ha ha!

After all that hype! We simmered down a bit and Jason and I enjoyed Briarwood's Staff Christmas Lunch! There is a tradition here that the offices come together for a little friendly competition over dessert. Each office must make a dessert that not only is delicious but that looks good too! HELLO...Can't cook!! And no one else was interested in this project! So, my friend (and co-worker) Julie and I got out the Southern Living books and came up with a plan. A Candy Table (yea...I came up with that part) with cookies - Sweet Treats for Santa - and we were in the FINALS!!! I can't believe it! She made these WONDERFUL Ginger Snap cookies and I think we didn't win because not everyone believed they were homemade! But the judges loved them! That was so exciting to us! Oh...and next year we're out to win!

No pictures from the next event and now I'm really sad about that! We somewhat started a tradition of going to the Walk Through Nativity and Dinner with the Carriers! Our tradition was VERY short lived! We went last year and this year was a going away "Last Hooray" - we had a great time - We will continue our tradition with Jae and David, now we know they will go with us! We had a great time visiting and enjoying true fellowship with our dear friends - all of them Jason, Janna, David, and Jae! We love y'all!!

Are you still with me...There's more! Anna and Ian celebrated their 6th Birthday together this year! This is the first year they pretty much have the same friends: same school and same church...makes things EASY! We rented a bouncy and let them have at it! Anna got to see her good friend Abie Lynn - that was a special surprise! Thanks friends for coming during this hectic season and loving our kiddos! And thank you Delilah for your "endless" hours of work you did to pull this off - do I owe you any money? - ha ha ha!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Most Thankful For...

Noah's creative writing concerning "Thankfulness"

I am most thankful for...
my teacher, my church family. I love my home, school, and me too. God, Jesus, the world and the pool (spelled "Pull") in my backyard. I am thankful for the world. My friends and clothes for one fireman that protects us. Our class.

(I corrected some misspellings and punctuation so you could get the point!)

Noah's thoughts are about as random as mine! But we are so thankful for all the blessings God so freely gives! I feel so blessed to have four beautiful healthy children! A husband that I adore and who daily shows me love - who provides for and protects our family! My parents who I've grown to love as my friends! My sister and brother and their wonderful family! I'm thankful for my grandmother and the time I've been able to spend with her lately! I'm thankful for my aunt/uncle and cousins who make the holiday's OH SO BRIGHT (I really do love y'all)! I'm thankful for Bret and Delilah for being as close as family to me and Jason! I'm thankful for my job - it's truly been a blessing and a privilege to work where I do! I'm also thankful for my church family - they are amazing! I'm thankful for my nannies! They've been so encouraging to me and they adore my babies! Angela and Mindy - you will NEVER know how much y'all mean to me!! I'm thankful for my friends that are near and the ones who are far away. The ones who let me have my way every once and a while...OH...scratch that - I didn't get to do what I wanted to (ha ha ha - just kidding!) I'm thankful for my house and like Noah the pool in our backyard!! I'm not gonna lie...I'm thankful for food the salty and the sweet! I'm thankful for restaurants and dates! I'm thankful for sunny days and rainy ones (when I get to stay home)! I'm thankful for the Lord's salvation, His forgiveness, His death, resurrection, His unconditional love, His grace, His mercy, His promises of eternal life! I'm thankful He's an amazing God! I'm thankful He has overcome the world! I'm thankful He is powerful and strong! The Lord has been good and has showered - no FLOODED - us with grace, mercy, and love and I'm rejoicing! Thank you Lord!

You're forgiving and good oh Lord abounding in love for all who call upon you! Psalm 86:5

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