Friday, July 31, 2009

Learning something NEW

I looked in on Noah and Anna playing today and Noah was "teaching" Anna how to tie her shoes! That's great and all but Noah doesn't know how to tie his shoes! So, we sat down for a lesson! Noah caught on immediately because he should already know how to do this task. Anna was about 5 minutes behind him! We would scream and give high fives when she got it right! It was so exciting for all three of us our adrenaline was pumping. So, they decided to tie all the shoes in the house!I don't remember who taught me how to tie my shoes or when I learned. I just remember always knowing how to do it! So I never thought I could teach someone else how to do it! This is horrible, but I think I subconsciously thought they would just have to figure it out by themselves (and I think Noah almost did) or we could always go with the "hip" velcro shoes and avoid laces all together (which we almost have). So this was an accomplishment for me - just as much as it was for them!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baby Bottle Time

Mary loves her baby! So she was very happy to give him his bottle! He's getting so big and look at her two front teeth! HOW CUTE!

And, I can't believe I'm posting this picture of me (already regretting it)...not the best but this is how the night ended up! These are fun times...see my exhaustion...but fun times!

These are the days!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Lake

This is a start to a GREAT day!

Malerie and Anna watch as Norm tries to "kill" Anna's beloved Dad and Malerie's beloved husband! They watched as Norm threw the boys around the lake, tossing them around like rag dolls! Anna would let Norm know if the boys were ok or if they were ready to go again or not! Then she would holler..."Jason...You OK?"

This looks as though it's going to be a relaxing ride! NOT TRUE!

And there they go...
The first thing Noah said when we got in the van was, "Dad, why were those church members trying to kill you?"

Anna suits up to go on the Wave Runner. Safety First!

Kevin took Anna on the wave runner...and from what I understand she is a dare devil who yelled..."FASTER, FASTER" the whole time! I was told they were gonna take it slow...So when I see them flying across the lake I prayed Anna wasn't freaking out! Little did I know it was ALL her idea!

Now for Noah's turn! He is the cautious one (which I have ALWAYS loved about him)...He let Kevin know when to take it easy and he made sure he was careful on the turns! And, the was respected and had a GREAT ride!
And if that wasn't enough...Anna's braveness kicks in...and she wants to tube! REMEMBER she just saw what happened to her dad and she is all game for tubing! She was reassured that they would take it SLOW!

And there they go...yea...I let Norm (the one who tried to kill my husband) now take my 5 year old! But I hear he has a heart for children! She had a BLAST!

All that fun and they still got to swim A LOT!

These two lake rats stayed in the water from 11:30-7:30! WATERLOGGED! And slept beautifully!

The baby was GREAT! Enjoyed a day outside being held by everyone! He had no complaints!

And our poor SWEET MARY...she missed out on all the fun because she was sick! She stayed with Granny and Grandaddy - they had a GREAT day too! She got some much needed rest and lots of pampering and love!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Resuming Normal Activities

I'm not sure if anything we've been up to lately qualifies as "Normal Activities" - No time to rest when you have a baby in the summer! But it's all been lots of fun!

We finally made it to the Drive In - we took a "good luck charm" - it was either Isaac or Malerie! They both must go next time to insure we see the movie! We saw Ice Age and Night at the Museum 2! Both very cute movies! Let me just say we were tucking kids in bed at 1 AM!! But everyone was REALLY good - and isn't that the fun of summer!

I'm not sure where Mary was in the above picture but she was right in the middle of it all! She did sleep through the second movie! But she was a DOLL as usual!

Then Saturday was SO beautiful and cooler we decided to take the big kids to the zoo! I just figured if we were gonna go to the zoo - what better time than on a "cool" summer day! Anna has only gone to the zoo as a baby and so it was ALL new to her! Of course, she got hot, thirsty and her legs hurt but she will tell you now it was a BLAST!

Ready for some Zoo FUN!

The Train

Oh...look who was there at the zoo!! ME!! Photographers are NEVER documented as being at these exciting places!

Ringing the Bell! FUN train ride!

The New Rhino - it's always SO HOT over there! I hate that part of the zoo!

Everyone is getting tired!

Time to Leave...that always makes Anna sad!

Sunday...was church...which is "normal activities" - and Andrew was there! Isaac's new little buddy at church! They are about 6 weeks apart I think - maybe less! They are so sweet. And Jan (their teacher) said they made beautiful "music" with all their burps and poots. Isaac was the pooter, Andrew is the burper!

Aren't they sweet!

Monday we did rest and my friend Macie, and her new baby J.R. came over and J.R. is a DOLL!! We watched The Little Mermaid and sang along to all our favorite songs!


Tuesday came all too soon! Hannah celebrated her 7th Birthday at Chuck E Cheese!

Wednesday...Haircuts for Me and Anna...MUCH NEEDED!! Thanks Mary Beth - you are GREAT!

Thursday we are back to bowling and Delilah had some coupons and extra coins from Chuck E Cheese so we did it again! That's right folks...we are OFFICIALLY CRAZY! But the kids had a blast!

Bowling with Twizzlers...that was new!

We had our first was with the injury prone child...ANNA! She smashed her finger between two bowling balls! Hard to explain, but it was an accident and I felt so bad for her!

Let me just say...Delilah bowled a 140 - yes my friend Delilah who at the beginning of summer did not get in the 100s with gutter guards up - and who could throw a bowling ball OVER lanes with gutter guards up!! friend Delilah bowled a 140 yesterday WITHOUT gutter guards! Let's just say...Practice really does make Perfect! today we are home! YAY! Playing on the computer and cleaning a little and tomorrow...TO THE LAKE with friends from church! Can't wait! And here the downer 18 more days until school starts!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Silena! I hope you have a GREAT birthday week! Thanks for all the memories this summer! It's been so much fun. I hope we can have MANY, MANY, MANY more summers to play together! Thanks for being the BEST big sister - you've always been so good to me! I love you!!