Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

Amazingly we had a GREAT Easter! It started off VERY rough. NOTE TO SELF: Next year get up earlier preferably before the others! First of all...I woke up to Anna saying..."Look mom! The Easter Bunny brought Mary her favorite puffs!" My exact thought was...oh well!! The night before I was so tired (from all the birthday celebrating) that I didn't feel like making the baskets to begin with and I didn't feel like taking pictures of the finished products but in the morning I was glad I did...Because they beat me to them! And because I had already taken pictures of the baskets I honestly didn't care that they had already looked at them!

So we enjoyed the baskets while Jason got ready...then I got the girls ready and Noah and we went outside to take pictures...which Mary did NOT want to do but thankfully I got a few good ones in between her bad mood. Mary's bad mood stressed me out - it's supposed to be fun and happy...this is her first one...maybe she just didn't know! So I get the GREAT shot above and a few individual ones that I'm pleased with and now it's my turn to get ready!

We are all ready and Anna comes in my room and I notice something wasn't right with her dress...YEP...she had done a SPIN and fell (b/c she is so GRACEFUL) and she ripped the little sleeve right off! So, I wanted to be upset but instead I took a deep breath and safety pinned it back on (btw...I did tell her I wanted to yell at her and I was sad about it...but it really was an accident - and I knew it just made our Easter that much more exciting)!

So WOW...we are finally in the car and can breath - church was GREAT, encouraging, refreshing, and relaxing! Then after church we went to my Aunt's annual Easter lunch with an egg hunt! We had a GREAT time visiting with the WHOLE family and eating yummy food! The kids LOVED the egg hunt - Noah found a $5 egg and Anna found a $1 egg and LOTS of candy! I was so thankful that the only stressful part of the day was the "getting ready part" - and I hate that it was - next year is only gonna be more exciting...let's throw a 9 month old in the mix! Maybe I'll start preparing myself now!

Despite the drama of the morning I was still able to celebrate the resurrection! Thank you Jesus for your death and resurrection...the thought of saving a wretched sinner like myself is beyond my comprehension but the fact that you saved me causes me to rejoice! Thank you Jesus for my salvation! Indescribable!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mary

Yesterday was Mary's FIRST birthday! WOW, I can't believe it! We've had a blast with her this year! The kids were shocked when I told them "Sat. is Mary's Birthday."

Anna said, "She just can't be one...she has no teeth, she can't walk, and she doesn't talk!"

She's our baby!! But despite all that...she's still one!

Noah said, "It feels like it was just a couple of days ago she was born!"

She is an amazing baby and I love her so much! To me she's beautiful and perfect! She's my sweet little Mary Mae! And she is milking all her time as the baby!! We are too really!!

We have not have her party yet (b/c it's Easter weekend) but we did celebrate yesterday as a family! We had an egg hunt at church and then we went to Build a Bear and built her a bear (actually a monkey). She LOVED it! Then we had cupcakes at my mom's house. And...she loves cake! We had a GREAT day celebrating her! I think she even had fun!

Mary got her face painted for her birthday...a cute cupcake!

Yes...that's us in the bathroom recording her "Birthday Wishes" at Build a Bear! Anna got her face painted too...it's a princess crown! Lovely!

She loves her new monkey!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Start of our Easter Celebration

Anna had an egg hunt at school today. We missed it!! They were done in 5 minutes! BUT, the K5 class had over 200 eggs to hide so Anna's class got to hide them!

There were so many eggs they filled Mary's stroller with them and strolled them to the field.

Mrs. Moore fills Anna up with eggs to hide!

All hid...The hid eggs all around and in the stroller!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Can you see in her eyes she knows she is not supposed to have that!

Well I found out today that Mary likes Nutterbutter Bars! I had my bar on the table and I was putting her in her seat to feed her brunch - and when I was buckling her in...she grabbed my nutterbutter bar and went at it! Oh well, I guess I didn't need it anyway!

Almost done...

Yea...it was good!!

We also played with a diaper today too...it always cracks me up to put diapers on their head...she's ready for take off! She WOULD NOT keep it on though for me to get a good picture. I'm sure she thought I was so weird laughing out loud and hard at her!! But it gave me a good laugh this morning!! Thanks Mary...I can always count on you...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm officially a Stay at Home mom! WHOO HOO! right?!? Well, I fear the unknown and this is a BIG unknown! Two weeks ago I was informed that my position at Briarwood was being "dissolved" effective Mar. 31st. This news was so sad to me! I loved the job, and my coworkers and it worked out perfectly with the nursery and the nursery staff adored Mary (which made me so proud)! I had a feeling it was going to be me to go but my hope was I would get to stay! Due to the slump in the economy the Faith Promise was not enough to keep me on staff. I'm not sure what the Lord is doing, other than just growing my faith in Him.

Pray for us! Pray for the Apologetics Ministry! Jason has written a book with one of his former students and it should be available in May! Of course we are excited about that but we pray it gives glory to God alone and impacts the next generation! The ministry seems to be on the brink of going somewhere but hasn't yet taken flight! Pray we are able to continue to raise our needed support to stay on the field. This ministry is really valuable and the fruit we've seen come from it is encouraging! We need serious wisdom on our next steps. My tendency is to freeze, but I have a feeling that's not what we are supposed to do...I don't think we should jump the gun either and drop the ministry to pursue more money somewhere else. We need wisdom.

So for now...my days will be filled with my sweet Mary!! And I am happy about spending my days with her - these are the days!!