Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...EVERYONE who supported our group going to the Rockathon! Our group raised $500 to rock for 30 minutes to raise money for the New Day Orphanage! The total at the end of the night was over $3000! We rejoice - God did just what He wanted to do and we thank Him for letting us take part in it (and it was FUN)!
yea.. We ROCK! Ha...
I absolutely LOVE how much fun Bret is having!!
Girls Rock

Boys rock...with coats on?!?

And Isaac rocked FAST to sleep! Soon babies at New Day will get this JOY!

Thanks Rob and Laine for allowing us the privilege to rock with you for New Day! Thanks for the Krispy Kreme giftcard - though it was tough competition between me and the Clark's - I LOVE our PRIZE! It was the perfect "group" prize and the donuts were "HOT & NOW" - to God be the Glory!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You ain't fat baby you beautiful...

That is a line from one of my favorite movies "Corina, Corina." But now that line reminds me of Isaac. WOW, I took Mary and Isaac for their well visits a couple of days ago. Mary is 24 lbs. and 11 oz. (50 % in weight) - Isaac weighed (are you ready for this) 22 lbs. and 6 oz - OFF THE CHARTS! He's such a big boy! And I've said this since he was born...he just wants to be grown! He is just on the fast track of life! My baby is basically the size of my 19 month old. Not fair! But he is so adorable and happy! He just laughs and coos and his eyes just sparkle! We all adore him! He's beautiful!

and this is just a cool picture of Mary I took! She's beautiful! I love early morning pictures with her!

Operation Christmas Child

We've been SO busy lately! I'm going to attempt to tell y'all about it. I'm starting to regret waiting so long to post. Our church took part in Operation Christmas Child. We had a BLAST doing this. Our church set a goal of 150 boxes and we ALMOST made that goal we actually made 139 boxes! We personally did 6 boxes and the kids had a blast putting them together! Anna said, "I wish I was one of those kids!" I had to explain that she didn't wish that but I was so happy that she liked everything in the box because that meant the kids would really love it too!! She also made other comments like "I hope I get a shoebox for Christmas!" Now that I can do! HA!

Isaac prayed over all the boxes...ha ha ha!! I just so happen to get this picture! He's a doll!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


We really try and make it a point each year to go to Fayetteville, TN to see my great aunt and cousins! We always have a GREAT time with them. We use the local "craft show" as an excuse to go but it's never as fun as lunch at Cahoots - which is set up in what used to be the county jail! And every time we tend to hear stories about which one of our family members may have spent time in certain cells. So funny! Last year we didn't get to go which was sad -but it made this year all the more sweet! More things to catch up on!

Anyway, my Aunt Faye is the historian of our family and she brought us a family tree book of our great, great, great, great, great, grandfather - William Faulkner who came from Ireland in the 1860s. REALLY NEAT! I'm just baffled by it! It's only 6 generations and only ONE line but it really does tell a story. I read his "will" and it was funny to think he left his wife their land (obviously, and that's not the funny part) but also, a sow and pigs, cows, and horses and saddles, bed and bedclothes, $100 to his daughter IF she didn't marry "spinthrift." Now that cracked me up - a spinthrift! I have to wonder what kind a man she married. Was he a "spinthrift" or was he "economical." It's neat to see how time has changed! Through reading the book you can see their sense of humor too -I can see where my quirkiness may have come through. I just can't wait to get my hands on that book again! The Lord blessed a lot of them with long life and mingled in there was heartache in the loss of children and spouses. They referred to the Lord in some of their writings which just thrills my heart in hopes they trusted in the Lord and we can meet these people again!

It was a GREAT day with my family - my daughters, my sister and her daughter, my mom, my aunt, and her daughter, and her daughters my cousins! A great day of remembering our heritage and I go to bed with a thankful heart! I'm thankful the Lord weaved these people together and here I am - and continuing the line. It really is amazing! And I pray I give glory to God in and through my life - that I'm leaving a legacy and a heritage of serving Christ and glorifying Him - forever!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Dollar family is helping raise money for a wonderful foster home for special needs orphans. New Day Foster Home is located in Beijing, China. Currently there are over 30 children residing there; all of these precious children have some sort of medical special needs ranging from severe heart conditions to limb deformities. New Day takes these children in and provides life-saving surgeries through their relationship with surgeons at a nearby hospital.

The picture above is of “Kevin”. Kevin has a very serious and complicated heart condition. His orphanage brought him to New Day Foster Home in hopes that he would be able to receive a life-saving surgery. Unfortunately, the surgeons in Beijing are unable to perform the difficult surgical procedures that Kevin desperately needs. Kevin will soon be adopted by a local Alabama family – who we know personally and love dearly. Until then, Kevin is being very well taken care of and loved at New Day Foster Home, and his adoptive parents are very thankful he is in such good hands. The nannies at New Day are doing all they can to make sure Kevin remains healthy until his forever family can bring him home to have his heart surgery.

Our whole family is attending a “Rockathon” fundraiser where we plan to rock in a rocking chair for 15-30 minutes, November 20th. Would you please consider sponsoring me in the New Day Rockathon? The donations you give are tax-deductible and will help fund the purchase of rocking chairs for the nannies to rock the babies and give them individual love and care. Your donations will also go toward the opening of another New Day Foster Home in Guangzhou, China, where there are thousands of special needs orphans in need of surgeries, therapies, and specialized care. I must have all donations by Nov. 19th. If you would like to learn more about New Day, you may check out their website at

All checks may be made payable to “New Day Charities”

Thank you so much for your help in spreading the love of Jesus to these children. May God bless you richly!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Isaac 4 Months

Nov. 2nd Isaac turned 4 months old! How fast did my t-tiny baby turn into a BIG chunk of love?!? Isaac and I got on the scales and he is weighing 18 pounds. He is such a happy baby - full of smiles. He loves to be talked to and laughs out loud! I just love his little responses! He oohs and coos!! Adorable!

He is still so busy but I'm working on his "cuddling"- I love when he lays so heavy on my chest in a deep sleep! But if he's not asleep - he wants to be up looking around, kicking his feet, and waving his arms! He's been on the go since the day he was born! I'm sure he'll be crawling and walking before too long!

He loves his bottles and eats a lot of them. He's started eating cereal and this month we will start him on fruits. He doesn't sleep all night but ALMOST! He's so close! Maybe the "real" food will help with that!

When I see him I'm just so thankful for another sweet precious adorable baby. I feel blessed beyond measure! He's growing WAY too fast - he even looks like a big boy! Isaac makes life just a little sweeter!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Click here to view these pictures larger

We had a GREAT Halloween! As tradition has it we were supposed to go to my mom's for Halloween and celebrate with family but this year our church's Fall Festival was actually on Halloween! We missed my family but we did still have a GREAT time! Lots of games, prizes, food, a hay ride AND just all out FUN! Enjoy the pictures!!!

For those of you who don't know...Anna is Mary Poppins, the babies are her Penguins and Noah is a Ninja!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Friday, October 30 - Hooten Birthday Party

Bret and Delilah turn 30 this year! Her birthday was Oct. 15 and his is Nov. 29 - so they had a Costume Party to celebrate! It was SO much fun! They had a LOTS of games to play and everyone participated - which was so much fun! The costumes were very creative and some down right HILARIOUS! The food was yummy and the CAKE was BEAUTIFUL! I was an 80s chick or as Anna called it a "City Girl" - I got to pull out my mom's old Cindy Lauper shoes and a hair crimper! So fun! Lots of make up and mismatch clothes! TOO FUN! Priscilla Presley was there, a Nun, a Devil, REALLY Desperate Housewives, a Prom Queen, and Lady GaGa - Pretty Funny!
Jason and Kevin followed Bret's lead and were "Presidents" dressed up - Bret was Bill Clinton as Harry Potter, Kevin was George Washington as a cowboy, and Jason was George W. Bush as Captain Hook! Then Elvis arrived - and WOW! A cow and security guard and woopie cushion were all there too!
Happy Birthday Hootens! I think I love you more than I should! You are GREAT friends to both Jason and me! We treasure your friendship! I just thank God for allowing us to be so close and our families so close as well! Y'all are a blessing - you Bret are a blessing in disguise I'm sure! ha ha ha!! Thanks for the Memories!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thursday - October 29 - The fun begins

Ok, if I tried to do this weekend in one and I both would be here FOREVER! So, I'll start with Thursday! Anna and I went to the Hargis Pumpkin Patch along with LOTS of other people! It was fun this year because Delilah and Ian were there AND Silena and Francie. We were together some and separated some too! It was rainy and cold - we were tired too - but it was great quality time with Anna and of course - the memories I would never trade!

Anna started out a little poutie
She got somewhat better...but MAN she was tired!


We made it to the field


That was FUN!

It was rainy and yucky!

Campfire! How they kept it going - who only knows! It rained while we were roasting weenies!

Yummy! HOT DOGS!

Petting Zoo

Group Picture - Vigneulle k5 2009

Picking a Pumpkin...

This will do...

I love you Anna! I had fun with you!