Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

We had a GREAT day...I woke up in somewhat of a bad mood - only because I always feel so rushed! I hate that feeling! I guess that could be my 3rd regret! Anyway once we get to church I'm always ready to sit and relax, sing that stress away and soak up the Word!
After church my sister and her family and my mom and dad came over to hang out. That's what we've come to love...that's what we love best! Just hangin' around the house letting the kids play and be loud and eat brownies...They love it and we love it! Lots of laughs too!

Jason took me and the kids to Logan's for dinner! I had a feeling Noah would LOVE it - and he did! He loves peanuts so that was the greatest thing to him...FREE PEANUTS! And not only that but they let you throw the shells on the floor - amazingly fun! Anna said her favorite thing was the bread and butter. We found a new favorite "family" place to eat!

Here are some pictures from the day...

Noah of course gave me his great gift Friday at school - here is Anna's - it's her handprint - painted in gold. And this flower too! Very sweet and cute!

This is an impossible picture to get...after 6 tries you just go with it!

Noah and Will...lovin' to spend the day together!

Francie and Anna had a tea party

I do have a few regrets...

1. My mom made brownies and brought them to my house today...yea...I think I hate 5 - they were so good with chocolate chips inside!

2. LOGAN'S! I ate WAY TOO MUCH! WAY TOO MUCH! But it was a lot of fun!

That's all centers around food! My only regret! And I may not regret it so much if I didn't have to weigh in tomorrow at the Dr.

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Trace Car Driver said...

fun stuff! glad ya'll had a great day, despite the bad start. i completely agree, and hate to feel so rushed! and logan's is sooo our fav family place to eat- we went friday nite actually :) i'm with anna, the bread and butter is def the best! the peanuts just get on my nerves! good luck at your weigh in... let me know how it goes!