Thursday, May 7, 2009

Isaac's got a buddy!

My long time GREAT friend Macie had her first baby yesterday - John Reed...I've been waiting on this sweet thing since Noah was born 7 years ago! I could not be more happy for Macie and Patrick! Everything went smoothly and he is a healthy...tiny baby - 6 pounds 4 ounces! SWEET!! Yea...I'm hoping him and Isaac are tight!
Look at that passie bigger than his face!

And that is a SWEET face! He smelled wonderful too!

And in Dollar news...look who is up on her feet! She is pulling up! Is this a sign she will be walking soon? She is just learning so much and understanding so much it's a little weird. She turns one and she is on her way to being a big girl. Not only is she pulling up but she got her first tooth this week, she can tell you what the cat says, and she calls for Noah - it is so cute! I think she into that mimic stage and it's fun because she will mimic not just us but Noah and Anna too! She is too cute for words really! I'm proud! Just plain Momma proud!

Yea...and I think she will soon be able to master the's never too early right? It will become her best friend I'm sure! ha...


care-in said...

Mary is such a cutie! Evie is just crawling but has about 6 teeth and several more popping through. Can't wait to get those two together.

Trace Car Driver said...

congrats to macie- JR is so cute! and wow, mary is getting so big. she knows she's not gonna be the baby for much longer so she is just growing up all at once! can't believe how time is flying. you gonna post the pics of isaac?? ;)

Hugs said...

Hi! I promise I'm not stalking you (ha ha) but I did run across your blog via Facebook and wanted to check it out. Just stopping in to say hi!