Friday, May 1, 2009


We got to see Isaac Wednesday on a sonogram and he is so cute! It's amazing how much he has grown and changed! And you can see all of this in black and white. I actually got a picture of his ear! It's not clear on the actual picture they printed for me but I saw it clear during the sonogram.

The placenta previa is c-section! Blood sugar test...passed! I'm on the 2 week schedule now...SCARY! And in other happy news...I DIDN'T GAIN A POUND! WHOO HOO!

He was just a sucking on his hand and arm! It's neat to see what I was actually feeling! I asked her what is this up her pushing out and she went there and it was his feet! Somehow he's all in there moving and growing. I'm constantly feeling movement between my pelvic bone and it's his hands that he keeps right at his face...just amazing really! God is the great creator and this certain creation is pretty amazing!

He is measuring a week ahead of schedule (which means to me...HOPEFULLY another 10 day early baby)! The technician said he is approximately 2 pounds with all their measurements - he's got a lot more growing to do! I can't wait to see Isaac - it's only 10 weeks away! It's still so unreal to me that we are about to have another baby in the house...4 kids...CRAZY! But we are all excited about him!


Trace Car Driver said...

soooo where is the sonar pic?? :) yay for a great visit. and not to get your hopes up, but lil lucas measured 2 weeks ahead for a while, and he didn't come out til we cranked up that pitocin! HA. isaac will be here before you know it though. and i've got a lot of newborn/0-3 month clothes for him that lucas has already outgrown! can't wait to meet him... love ya

Dollar General said...

Well, all my babies have come 10 days early so I think I can get some pitocin then! Plus they induced you at 10 days early and I will be reminding them of that ;)

Jennifer said...

wonderful news! I'm so relieved your previa is moved. That is great!

bretsgirl said...

I am so happy!!! Woohoo!!! So much good news! Love you girl! As soon as the kids get out of school, lets schedule a play date!

Missy said...

How fun and exciting for you guys!
I love the easter pics. So cute!!