Friday, May 8, 2009


Who knew? My friend Michele sent me this, isn't it funny! Thanks Michele, made me laugh!

In other Mother's Day News...We had a luncheon at the school today (hosted by the 1st grade) it was fun and funny! They made a booklet called "Alphabet Soup" all the kids wrote how to cook their favorite dinner. Noah's recipe was Chicken Pot Pie, and here is what he wrote...ENJOY!

I really like spaghetti the best but my mom likes Chicken Pot Pie so I'm gonna tell you how to make that. First you probably make the inside of it first. You take some peas, about fourteen of them. And then carrots, about ten of them...there's not much of them. Then add those, what do you call them? They are the green straight up things and you can eat them and they got seeds in them. What do you call them? It's a vegetable...GREEN BEANS ya that's it but not string beans. That's probably the most so you put in about fifty of them. Actually I bet chicken is the thing that is the most in there. Let's see...there are about four thousand of those in there...not really, probably only seventy eight I guess. Okay now for the outside. I think she put these pieces of bread or about ten pieces of five...five pieces of bread...and my mom loves the bread so she'll eat most of it. Take the bread and you put it on the pot pie pan and then you pour all that other stuff in and then you put the crust on top...that's where the crust is. I don't know if there is crust on the bottom or not cause I've never seen the wait, there is a crust on the bottom. I HAVE seen it before. She likes squash too so she would eat it with it but ya don't put it in the pot pie thing. And I hate squash so she would never put it in the pot pie and we might have a little corn with it...not IN it just WITH it. Then you put it in the oven at about up to twenty something degrees. You know it's done cause the stove goes BEEEEEE like that 'sept I can't make that noise but it's something like that. And you know it's done because my mom says, "Come and eat!" 'sept sometimes my dad says it too. And one time I ate three tacos without stopping. But chicken pot pie is really good and all my family loves it...'sept maybe not my sister...I don't know 'cause I never asked her, 'sept my baby sister would love and want more...and more...and more, even when it's all gone. And that's how ya make Chicken Pot Pie.
His was the LONGEST recipe in the book. It had us laughing so hard! Then they wrote a short story about their mom and how much they loved her - we had to go sit in a chair on stage while they read their story. I'm a little unsure about my "goodness" - most kids read about how their mom was the greatest, she makes them yummy breakfasts, tucks them in at night, makes them laugh, and gives them hugs and kisses.

The first line of Noah's...

My mom is so good that she gives me homework to do when I don't make a 100 on my tests.

here is the whole thing...

My mom is so good that she gives me homework to do when I do not make a 100 on my tests. My mom doesn't let me just play. She makes me just do homework she does let me put the clothes in the hamper. But I still love my mom very much. Sometimes my mom lets me go and play my favorite games all most Friday but every time I make 100.

(My sweetest daughter Anna just said..."This does not look a thing like you! It sorta looks like Dad when he used to have hair! Why did he draw you like this!" - did I mention she's my favorite *wink*)

And the picture he drew of me...I'm scared! I feel I must explain about my Nazi homework approach. He was making really bad grades on his spelling tests so I made him do spelling whether the teacher made it homework or not...AND, he's made a 100 ever since maybe I am good for that!

Silena and Will

The boys with Granny!

Will reading to Silena about how wonderful she is...and how she takes him to Granny and Grandaddy's house...blah...blah...blah...she's a great mom! Just Kidding ;) His was so sweet!

My rascal with his novel!

And continued progress on Mary's walking...

I'm sure more Mother's Day funnies are on their way, it's not even Sunday yet! But today was filled with love and laughter!


The Ferrill's said...

This totally cracked me up! I can just hear Noah saying all that about how to make that recipe...SO FUNNY!
And I love his portrait of you! Oh my ARE a homework nazi! ;) That was priceless!
Little Mary...gettin' to be a big girl 'cause she knows Isaac's coming!
I tried to call you today...what's up with your number?

allisonlittle said...

This is so funny! Your kids are precious and blessed to have you as their mommy. Happy Mother's Day!

care-in said...

That video is awesome! I always loved putting on Mother's Day stuff with my classes. Definitely a win!!

care-in said...

I just read his entire recipe...I can't believe he wrote all that...that's awesome! I love dictating what kids say. The h.w. thing is funny!

Jae said...

You mean mother! Im just kidding. You are a great mother. I laughed so hard I was crying reading that recipe! That is hilarious. I like the picture of Mary. She is too cute.

Rhonda Bryant said...

You really are the GREATEST Page!!! I LOVED reading this, how funny!!! I needed to smile and laugh and this did it for me! I love the chicken pot pie! Happy Mother's Day!

Andy said...

sweet pics and stories. love mary's dress and congrats to her on walking progress