Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Funny to Me

We got home late last night and Noah was pumped...I think from too much sweet tea! I know I shouldn't have let him have any...but it was a special night - so anyway, he was full of energy!

We got home and put all the kids in bed and about 30 minutes later he comes in my room and says..."I've got a loose tooth and Anna said I should tell you if it comes out! Can I just pull it?" It's 9:30 pm, so I said..."Can you pull it now?" And he proceeds to pull it right out of his head, right in front of me!! THANKS NOAH! So we get him cleaned up and he goes and tells Jason and shows him the tooth and I put it in a plastic bag (easier for the tooth fairy to find) and hand it to him to put under his pillow and he looks at me with the cutest expression and said..."I was gonna see if the tooth fairy was real, but I thought, Nah...I want to get rich faster!" So today he is a dollar richer! I was thinking today...we are praying Mary gets teeth while hoping Noah loses some!

This morning I go to get Mary out of her bed and she obviously had already been awake because I found her like this...

That's right...she thinks she's funny! She took her shirt off all by herself! I couldn't believe she did that and didn't even cry! She doesn't enjoy putting on or taking off shirts...anything over her head can get her flustered! I really wish I could have seen her do it but she was just so happy and slinging it around and smiling so big! She's growing up!


Silena Cvacho said...

Hey, Will lost that tooth yesterday too! Out of the clear blue!(it was bugging me with just that one scraggly tooth hanging there for months)- When I asked him how come he pulled it all of a sudden- (I've been trying to get him to pull it) He said because Noah lost that one and it made him want his out! His daddy said he has been hanging out with Aunt T too long! That's funny!! Love ya, Silena

Amy said...

She's just too darn cute! By the way, my cousin said her girls were between 12 and 18 months before they cut a tooth.

The Ferrill's said...

Page your blog looks so great!
I love what Noah said about the tooth fairy...and I loved watching Anna get so excited at trophy presentation! ;)