Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm officially a Stay at Home mom! WHOO HOO! right?!? Well, I fear the unknown and this is a BIG unknown! Two weeks ago I was informed that my position at Briarwood was being "dissolved" effective Mar. 31st. This news was so sad to me! I loved the job, and my coworkers and it worked out perfectly with the nursery and the nursery staff adored Mary (which made me so proud)! I had a feeling it was going to be me to go but my hope was I would get to stay! Due to the slump in the economy the Faith Promise was not enough to keep me on staff. I'm not sure what the Lord is doing, other than just growing my faith in Him.

Pray for us! Pray for the Apologetics Ministry! Jason has written a book with one of his former students and it should be available in May! Of course we are excited about that but we pray it gives glory to God alone and impacts the next generation! The ministry seems to be on the brink of going somewhere but hasn't yet taken flight! Pray we are able to continue to raise our needed support to stay on the field. This ministry is really valuable and the fruit we've seen come from it is encouraging! We need serious wisdom on our next steps. My tendency is to freeze, but I have a feeling that's not what we are supposed to do...I don't think we should jump the gun either and drop the ministry to pursue more money somewhere else. We need wisdom.

So for days will be filled with my sweet Mary!! And I am happy about spending my days with her - these are the days!!


bretsgirl said...

I am glad that you are going to be able to stay home with Mary!! Enjoy it! Maybe we will get to see each other more now!! =o)

Missy said...

My goal is to fall into a huge sum of money some day so I can fully support people like the Dollars. So see, if you could just pray that will happen, then everything will be A-OK ;)

I'm happy for you staying home and enjoying that cute baby of yours!

care-in said...

We were there last year and still are in some ways but the Lord is moving...may not be in big ways but I see it in the little things. You have a great attitude about it...keep it!

Trace Car Driver said...

great seeing you and mary last week. can NOT believe she is almost ONE. you better have a good long post coming soon about her :) since you are a stay at home mom now, you should have plenty of time to blog. HAHA. love you lots!