Thursday, March 5, 2009

We'll Call Him Isaac

So what's the name, what's the name!

Isaac - means laughter! I have loved the name Isaac for years now. I love love love that it means laughter. I thought it would pertain to his personality not the circumstances too! I love how the Lord works! When I got pregnant with Mary there was really nothing funny about it other than the fact we were overjoyed to be having another baby after 4 years. BUT NOW...we've shared laughs at the fact that 5 months after Mary was born we are pregnant again!! A little different then Sarah but I think it's a similar SHOCK!!

Mincaye (min-KY-yee) will be his middle means Wasp! But that's not why we are naming him that! We are hoping that a beautiful story, where reckless savages brutally spear a group of missionaries and find salvation, forgiveness, God's love, redemption, family and the body of Christ, goes on to another generation.

The story we know began in 1956 when Nate Saint, Jim Elliott, Ed McCully, Peter Fleming, and Roger Youderian tried to reach a tribe of Indians in Ecuador with the gospel. They made contact but eventually they were speared by several Acua Indians...Nate Saint's final blow was made by Mincaye.

After the attack Rachel Saint (Nate's sister) and Elizabeth Elliot went back into the jungles to give the gospel to the people their family tried to reach. Their attempt was successful. Steve Saint went into the jungles at the age of 9 and grew up with the man who murdered his dad (his hero - as he calls him), Mincaye. From what I understand the story was mainly told about the death of these great men (in Life magazine). The work of the women that followed them (by Elizabeth Elliott).

But now the story gets more intimate with Steve's perspective! Which focuses not so much on the work of his father but his life lived with these Indians - who by the world's standards he should, yes, maybe forgive (but definitely not LOVE), and on top of that certainly not consider him a "father" and "grandfather" to his children. If you have not read the book the End of the Spear YOU NEED TO! The movie was great but the book lends so much more insight! I also had the priviledge of meeting Ginny Saint (Steve's wife) about 2 years ago. She has her own amazing story to tell - which she shares some in the book as well. They are an amazing family - who truly live out their faith - when their faith doesn't make much sense - or when the Lord calls them to follow him through VERY TOUGH situations. They are faithful. So, when I heard the story I was moved deeply - to love, forgive, trust the Lord when His "trail" doesn't seem fair, right, or fun! Live for ETERNITY and do the work of the Lord. That is a reminder for me!!

So we will call him...

Isaac Mincaye Dollar

and may the story be told again!


Andy said...

love it. what a great name.

Ivey said...

I really like it. It is funny how Laine left a post the day before about boys bringing such laughter...did she know the name already??

care-in said...

I love hearing the meanings behind names.

Missy said...

UM, I LOVE it! I love the middle name. Stacy just said "Thats pretty strong!"
I guess he approves ;)

Jennifer said...

I'm a bit partial to Isaac myself. :-)Great choice! And, I love the meaning of Mincaye. That is an incredible story, and those names will be a great legacy to live up to. YEA!!