Sunday, February 15, 2009

Here's the Deal

Okay...Feb. 23rd is our sonogram where we can find out if we are having a BOY or a GIRL! I'm gonna have to change that date though because that is the busiest week at work and I can't miss or leave early...and probably have to work late - it's our Missions Conference. So, that date will probably be changed to the first week of March sometime.


Here's the deal. In a previous post I said we would NEVER find out the gender of our next babies! Well, I just love when I say never...I tend to have to! Upon finding out we were pregnant again Jason said - this time...I want to find out and Noah chimes in and says "ME TOO!" He said it was a long wait...very fun at delivery but a long wait! I thought Mary could distract him from having to know. I mean the one he "waited" on is in his arms! So, Anna on the other hand said, "NO, we can't find out!" She has no desire to...BUT, I think it's because she doesn't think there is a way to find out and she is content with not knowing. I mean it makes it easier to deal with if you think there is NO WAY to know! And, of course...I don't want to find out either. I know it will be worth it in Labor and Delivery! So, now there is a tie in the house that Mary can't break for us! So we make a deal...

Jason is in the process of looking for a job that will support a family of 6 - so with that being said:

Here's the Deal:

IF Jason got a job or a promising possibility of one...THEN...we would NOT find out because we would have the money to buy what we need if this baby is a BOY (we have NOTHING for a boy - NOTHING!! We haven't had a baby boy in 7 years!).

IF Jason didn't have any leads then we WOULD find out because if this baby is a boy we could do a shower and get "boy" stuff.

So, it looks like we will be finding out what we are having this time ;) And I'm fine with that - it's fun either way, plus...I think I already know anyway (that's another post). There is something about taking the technicians word for it (even though she is right) and seeing it for yourself at the "big reveal!" I'm not a big planner so not finding out doesn't mess my world up, and we won't be doing a big nursery thing...because it just has to sleep with the others.

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