Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Date is Set

We set the date for the Sonogram today - March 3! It's gonna be exciting. And though I said I would never find out the gender of another baby I's looking like we are gonna find out! Jason and Noah really wanted to know this time and Anna and I don't - BUT, let me just say this about Anna...I think she doesn't know there is a way to find out before the baby is actually here (to keep her on my side I didn't tell her any different!). Anyway, we made a deal and I'm losing! I can't go into detail about what the "deal" was because I'm not sure who reads this if you already know the deal please don't mention it here (thank you!). But I will say the deal could NOT be swayed by Jason or was a good deal - God is the one who would make the chips fall, if you will. And Jason is already giving in and saying - "we don't have to find out" - but what kind of deal is that!?! I loved that the deal was out of both of our hands!

SO, if we do find out March 3 I'm hoping to take Noah and Anna and let them be there to "hear it first!" And here is MY perspective on this thing. To me it's between taking someones word (even though they are right more than they are wrong) and seeing it for yourself in a moment of so much excitement anyway! I very rarely see Jason get EXCITED about something but to hear him be so excited to announce to me what we were having was so sweet and unforgettable...I get teary now just thinking about it! Mary was a HUGE surprise too...I was totally convinced she was a boy and to hear him say "It's Mary" was so FUN!

And, for the record I've convinced myself again that this is a boy! And here are my reasons (or the ones I feel comfortable putting out there for the whole world!):

1. BOYS are going around. I only know 2 people having girls and they are friends of friends - so really I don't know anyone! Jason thinks this is the most ridiculous "reason" but it's one I cling to! I tend to do what others do...I'm not that odd percent in anything so - don't see why this would be different. I've had what "everyone" was having in the other 3 pregnancies! With Mary, Dr. Ross walked into Labor and Delivery and said..."I know you didn't find out what you are having but it's a girl...I've delivered 17 girls!" Go ahead's funny...but I still claim that as the #1 reason - and I feel like Dr. Ross has my back on this one!

2. I love salty stuff. I would rather have Roast and Potatoes than any candy or sweet. Even in "morning sickness" pretzels were my life saver! Not so with the girls. I just looked in Noah's baby book and it said I liked ravioli and sandwiches...Anna's says SWEETS! And Mary's says mostly sweets and Kool-aid! So, again I will vote BOY!

3. I've been having headaches...BUT, I haven't had one lately so YAY! That's a sign of BOY!

4. I wasn't very sick this time - and by that I mean I went to work everyday - sometimes only an hour or 2 late! Now, with Noah I was the sickest I've ever been in my whole life but I think that was a hormone shock!! Anna was better but I still got sick! Mary SICK! This one I got sick 2 times while brushing my teeth...not even a sick feeling just got carried away with the toothbrush - didn't miss work those day either ;) - so that leads me to BOY!

5. I've been COLD! Which has NOT been the recent trend for me while pregnant!! I would have the air on in the DEAD OF WINTER! That makes me think BOY!

6. This pregnancy just seems a little different than with Mary. I'm only comparing the sickness though so...I just think it's a BOY!

I have two other reasons but trust me you would rather not know!! TRUST ME! So, I guess we'll see soon enough and all the guessing will be over!


Shalita said...

It is going to be so much fun regardless of what sex it is! Little Mary is going to have a built in playmate and I love that! I cannot wait to meet little Dollar and hold a newborn again! I know we still have a little wait, but the anticipation is so exciting! As far as my guess, you know I always say girl! I just can't help it!!!

Thanks again for the Rice Krispie treat----DELICIOUS!!!!

Amy said...

Page, here in Macon everyone is having boys right now too. What every you guys decide, it will be fun! I am with you, I lOVE the surprise.

bretsgirl said...

I can't wait for the call!!! =) Call me sooner though!! I just want to talk. I miss you!!!!!

Trace Car Driver said...

praise god for giving you the answer you needed. and i am sooo excited you set the date for the sonar. it will be here so soon! boy or girl, i can't wait for another sweet cheeks baby. you are right, we make some cute ones :) oh, and you know my feelings on dr ross. every since he told me i would go into labor 3 weeks before i did, and he was SO wrong, i don't hold his opinions too close to my heart. LOL. call me soon so we can visit. lucas is getting big and misses his T. love ya

care-in said...

Your reasons crack me up but they are explainable! So excited for you guys!