Friday, February 20, 2009

We Have an Answer

March 2007 - Jason and I bought this cute little Honda Civic. That was back when we had 2 kids and a stable income. Ahhh...

6 months later I found out I was pregnant with Mary...and that same month Jason quit the church to pursue youth apologetics with the Apologetics Resource Center. Life Changed...

Than Mary finally got here and we rode around like this...And several people asked us...what are you going to do about how y'all ride around. And Jason and I were going to ride around like this for as long as Noah's little butt could squeeze in the middle of a booster seat and car seat. Well, of course the story continues...AND, four months ago we found out we were pregnant with #4. And we thought and thought HOW to make our little civic fit us all in...and folks...there was JUST NO WAY! I even told Jason...we will just have to drive separate cars - we don't go that many places ALL together!

But the Lord saw fit to provide. He always does. One Wednesday night a youth pastor at SMI wanted Jason to speak to the youth about missions because they had an upcoming missions conference and he wanted to get the kids thinking about missions. Honestly - I didn't want him to go - our time together has been minimal lately and he wasn't excited about it either because he was just all out exhausted. But he did go and teach and enjoyed it. While there he met Garrick (the General Sales Manager at Serra Honda in Ensley). Well...long story short they got to talking about our ever growing family - our car...and he told us to come see him...and we did - today! And, he gave us a great deal! We were very pleased with him and his staff and our new car! It was all a "God thing" and I think even he can testify to that. So now we can all take a deep breath in our new to us...2004 Honda Odyssey! WHOO HOO!!

The Kids Perspective...Anna and Noah just love it! Noah has been the funniest though. He got up WAY before we did Sat. and looked out the window to see what color it was and then went back to bed. We got the car at night so they couldn't see it good at all. I also heard Noah tell Jason he couldn't "believe our Civic grew up into this!" So I guess we just "grew up"! They are funny! Look at Mary she's even happy about it!! Noah's not laying on her anymore!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Noah

Happy 7th Birthday Noah!!

1. He's compassionate, kind, and tenderhearted.

2. He acts just like his dad...he enjoys a good laugh and can be all out silly

3. He's handsome - his "bedroom eyes and sneaky smile" is what makes him Noah.

4. He loves God and believes He's as big as He says He is.

5. He's a family man - beyond the immediate...he adores his cousins and loves his grandparents, and let's not forget Sally and Ronnie too! He also wants a big family if "he can find the right person, that may take a long time" - his words exactly.

6. He's very creative - writing books and has a chip bag collection.

7. His dad loves that they enjoy playing baseball together in the yard.

These are the days!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Here's the Deal

Okay...Feb. 23rd is our sonogram where we can find out if we are having a BOY or a GIRL! I'm gonna have to change that date though because that is the busiest week at work and I can't miss or leave early...and probably have to work late - it's our Missions Conference. So, that date will probably be changed to the first week of March sometime.


Here's the deal. In a previous post I said we would NEVER find out the gender of our next babies! Well, I just love when I say never...I tend to have to! Upon finding out we were pregnant again Jason said - this time...I want to find out and Noah chimes in and says "ME TOO!" He said it was a long wait...very fun at delivery but a long wait! I thought Mary could distract him from having to know. I mean the one he "waited" on is in his arms! So, Anna on the other hand said, "NO, we can't find out!" She has no desire to...BUT, I think it's because she doesn't think there is a way to find out and she is content with not knowing. I mean it makes it easier to deal with if you think there is NO WAY to know! And, of course...I don't want to find out either. I know it will be worth it in Labor and Delivery! So, now there is a tie in the house that Mary can't break for us! So we make a deal...

Jason is in the process of looking for a job that will support a family of 6 - so with that being said:

Here's the Deal:

IF Jason got a job or a promising possibility of one...THEN...we would NOT find out because we would have the money to buy what we need if this baby is a BOY (we have NOTHING for a boy - NOTHING!! We haven't had a baby boy in 7 years!).

IF Jason didn't have any leads then we WOULD find out because if this baby is a boy we could do a shower and get "boy" stuff.

So, it looks like we will be finding out what we are having this time ;) And I'm fine with that - it's fun either way, plus...I think I already know anyway (that's another post). There is something about taking the technicians word for it (even though she is right) and seeing it for yourself at the "big reveal!" I'm not a big planner so not finding out doesn't mess my world up, and we won't be doing a big nursery thing...because it just has to sleep with the others.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Date is Set

We set the date for the Sonogram today - March 3! It's gonna be exciting. And though I said I would never find out the gender of another baby I's looking like we are gonna find out! Jason and Noah really wanted to know this time and Anna and I don't - BUT, let me just say this about Anna...I think she doesn't know there is a way to find out before the baby is actually here (to keep her on my side I didn't tell her any different!). Anyway, we made a deal and I'm losing! I can't go into detail about what the "deal" was because I'm not sure who reads this if you already know the deal please don't mention it here (thank you!). But I will say the deal could NOT be swayed by Jason or was a good deal - God is the one who would make the chips fall, if you will. And Jason is already giving in and saying - "we don't have to find out" - but what kind of deal is that!?! I loved that the deal was out of both of our hands!

SO, if we do find out March 3 I'm hoping to take Noah and Anna and let them be there to "hear it first!" And here is MY perspective on this thing. To me it's between taking someones word (even though they are right more than they are wrong) and seeing it for yourself in a moment of so much excitement anyway! I very rarely see Jason get EXCITED about something but to hear him be so excited to announce to me what we were having was so sweet and unforgettable...I get teary now just thinking about it! Mary was a HUGE surprise too...I was totally convinced she was a boy and to hear him say "It's Mary" was so FUN!

And, for the record I've convinced myself again that this is a boy! And here are my reasons (or the ones I feel comfortable putting out there for the whole world!):

1. BOYS are going around. I only know 2 people having girls and they are friends of friends - so really I don't know anyone! Jason thinks this is the most ridiculous "reason" but it's one I cling to! I tend to do what others do...I'm not that odd percent in anything so - don't see why this would be different. I've had what "everyone" was having in the other 3 pregnancies! With Mary, Dr. Ross walked into Labor and Delivery and said..."I know you didn't find out what you are having but it's a girl...I've delivered 17 girls!" Go ahead's funny...but I still claim that as the #1 reason - and I feel like Dr. Ross has my back on this one!

2. I love salty stuff. I would rather have Roast and Potatoes than any candy or sweet. Even in "morning sickness" pretzels were my life saver! Not so with the girls. I just looked in Noah's baby book and it said I liked ravioli and sandwiches...Anna's says SWEETS! And Mary's says mostly sweets and Kool-aid! So, again I will vote BOY!

3. I've been having headaches...BUT, I haven't had one lately so YAY! That's a sign of BOY!

4. I wasn't very sick this time - and by that I mean I went to work everyday - sometimes only an hour or 2 late! Now, with Noah I was the sickest I've ever been in my whole life but I think that was a hormone shock!! Anna was better but I still got sick! Mary SICK! This one I got sick 2 times while brushing my teeth...not even a sick feeling just got carried away with the toothbrush - didn't miss work those day either ;) - so that leads me to BOY!

5. I've been COLD! Which has NOT been the recent trend for me while pregnant!! I would have the air on in the DEAD OF WINTER! That makes me think BOY!

6. This pregnancy just seems a little different than with Mary. I'm only comparing the sickness though so...I just think it's a BOY!

I have two other reasons but trust me you would rather not know!! TRUST ME! So, I guess we'll see soon enough and all the guessing will be over!

Monday, February 9, 2009

We did it!

I love how the pressure of cyberspace can motivate me to "do the right thing!" We had a GREAT time making these rice krispie treats! We didn't even fight! I usually think it will be fun to let them "cook" with me but then I just get so frustrated and want them OUT! But they did really good even Mary! She just talked and ate puffs! And these rice krispies taste so good. I will forever make mine with Strawberry Marshmellows. I can't even describe the deliciousness of them! So good! I can't figure out if they really are over the top good or I'm just pregnant and love them...who knows!

Here's how it all went down! And please excuse the pictures of me...a long day really shows!

There is one last "confession" to make! I decided ONLY to make the treats for Anna's class because when I sat down to look at how many I needed to make the number was outrageous! Noah's group alone was 23 + Anna's 9 = WAY TOO MANY! It was fun though! All you bakers should be proud!!

I'm really, really, really...CONSIDERING making these as Noah and Anna's valentine treats for their class. By posting this I'm hoping it will MAKE me do it.

This year they are having their parties Feb. 11th. They will be out of school 12-16th. So, I only have today to procrastinate! I think they are cute and different. I just love getting gifts you can eat!

(if you click on the picture it takes you to the recipe)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Clearing the Air... this is for those who may misunderstand me lately...which is all my fault. But I want to clear the air on a few things and a few things have been put into perspective for me. So if you are one that I called crying because I was pregnant again, or if I have told you I'm in denial, or if you are Delilah Hooten or Momma Hooten...this is for you.

Upon learning I was pregnant fear struck me FAST! First of all I could not believe it was true because I didn't even "feel" pregnant - the past 3 pregnancies I knew immediately because I was immediately sick. I had other pregnancy signs as well with the others (I won't share those details) but they were not present this time. So, yes I was shocked and scared...only because of our current financial situation and Mary was my baby and I didn't want to "rush" her growing up. So a few of you I called and could barely get the news out because of the tears but your sweet reassurance made me KNOW I could make it through this next pregnancy.

Then probably a week or two after finding out I was pregnant Jason and I were invited over to Momma Hooten's house to watch a game with them and Bret and Delilah. I wasn't feeling good anyway and I sat on the couch not knowing if it was gonna be "fun" feeling so bad on the drive over...but those Hooten's can make anyone feel good! Anyway, Momma Hooten said, "Page, I'm so excited your pregnant again...the kids and I have been learning Ps. 139 - you know what that is don't you?" And to be clever (and funny - b/c they think I'm funny - I think they are the only ones ;) that's why I love them so much). I said, "Yea, If I make my bed in hell you are there!" And we all laughed but she assured me that was not the part she was talking about!! She was talking about the verses 13-17 about God knitting us together! So, to Momma Hooten and Delilah I've moved on from verse 8 and now I am completely enjoying knowing God is so intimately involved - knitting this sweet baby together for His glory and for His purpose.

So, that's why I say...some of the misunderstandings you may have about how I feel about this pregnancy are my fault. So how do I feel?

It is so hard to believe that I am pregnant again. I honestly don't "feel" pregnant and that contributes to the reasons it's hard to believe. I can't feel the baby moving yet. I'm starting to show though! With Mary, I could not stop thinking about being pregnant - with this one it HONESTLY slips my mind a lot. Which is probably because I have Mary. Even with Mary I look at her sometimes and can't believe we have her. For so long it was just Noah and Anna and now to see her sweet face in the mix just brings so much delight. So there has been a lot of things I couldn't believe but they are true.

Several friends of mine have miscarried and my heart just broke for them! One friend has recently miscarried at 14 weeks and she has a very sweet picture of a tiny hand on hers and at that moment I was more than thankful for God's precious gift of this fourth baby! My heart rejoiced at the privilege to love again, to nurture again, and care for another one of His "best gifts."

I've laughed with a lot of you about being pregnant again. I've said we were crazy. And I'm sure I will actually feel that way in days to come. Which makes me think of that verse..."The wisdom of God is foolishness to man." BUT once again I'm excited about the journey God is proceeding to take us through. And I can't wait to see what this baby brings to our family. Each person has brought a measure of personality and uniqueness that I wouldn't want to be without! Is this our last one you ask...Probably Not...I can't just make that judgement but if this one is the last one my heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness for the four I have and I rejoice! So, think what you shocked...laugh...think we are crazy...but as for me...I'm BLESSED! I'm excited and I'm moving from denial into great joy and love for yet another "Dollar Baby!"

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Update

Jamie finally put this picture on something I could steal it from ;) This is my favorite picture of them...It's so candid and they all look so happy! Please pray for them - these first few days are so hard! My heart goes out to them. Everyone is doing great just sleep depraved.