Monday, October 27, 2008

Tis the Season

Well, we have been extremely busy! The only reason I have time to even post this blog is because Noah woke up with a fever this morning. AND, since he is feeling fine - I'm rejoicing!! Isn't that so mean! I'm happy my son is "sick" - but really he just has a fever and feels fine! Did I justify it at all!?! Oh well, you can thank him for this blog...

So what have we been up to...this blog starts where the last one left off...after the pumpkin patch with Anna's class we've been to HSM3 - which was SO much fun! Francie's Birthday Party - again SO MUCH FUN! The park - FUN! The School Fall Festival - FUN FUN! Our first friends Christy and Dave came over for dinner - SUPER FUN! And last night we took Francie to Anna's dance class Fall Ball - very CUTE and FUN! Below are all the events in pictures...let me remind you ALL - I HATE MY CAMERA!! I just thought I would say it again if you wonder why all my pictures are blurry and red eye and all the other crazy things my camera pulls!


Oh yea...Anna got a booboo

Francie's Birthday Party at Spots and Dots

The girls got to adopt a baby and take her to a check up! So Sweet and GIRLY!
Anna named her baby Sarah!

The Park

Mary LOVED the swing!

I love Mary's face in this picture!!

The Girls

I love these can go so high! The boys loved them too!

Fall Festival

Make up - Francie's face cracks me up!

I love to dig my hands in candy! It feels so good! Anna does too I guess!

The Donovans



The Fall Ball

One picture to grow on! I just thought this was cute...Mary has pretty much grown out of her bouncy seat...Can you believe that?


-C said...

Love the pics. Mary is super cute. :) And, hmmm ... Anna had a booboo or is she shootin' everyone the bird?! LOL

Trace Car Driver said...

caden has a boo-boo on the same finger, it got caught in the window and his nail is almost falling off and he shows it to EVERYONE (and shoots them a bird too!) funny!
i hate that noah was running a fever but it's always a relief when it's nothing too serious, and you got to stay home in your pj's all day!
love the post, and the funniest part to me is anna digging in all the candy. ;)

Silena Cvacho said...

It's neat to see all your pictures-I am at the same events but have all different pictures! Funny!! I love them! And the ones at dance, the girls are soooo cute!! Have a great day! See ya tomorrow!! Happy Halloween!!
Love ya,

Robyn said...

Page I am so glad I was there for 2 of those things!! HSM3 was so much fun!! I am glad to know that Anna had a booboo, I thought she was shooting me a bird at the movies! Ha!ha!

I love the fall ball at dance too. I hate that our kids are not in the same class yet but I do get to hang out with you during my seems like forever wait on Tuesdays! We will soon be making bows during our down time--Yea!

Have a fun and safe Halloween and take lots of pics with the camera you hate!!
Love ya!
Robyn :)

care-in said...

Those are great pictures!

Teacher Jae said...

Hey. That girl with the dark hair in the picture with Anna and a cheerleader...She is my friend Holly. She sang in my wedding.

shalita said...

Hope Noah is feeling better! I totally understand the whole "my child is sick and I must stay home" enthusiasm that you have! The pictures are great and look like lots of family and friend fun plus candy!
I love that Teacher Jae is friends with Holly. BTW, Holly is the "Queen of Weddings"----she is ALWAYS either in one or singing at one! I cannot wait until she gets to have her own!!!!

Christy D said...

Yea, we made the blog! We had a lot of fun that night and we both miss Mary. Dave just got done saying something about wishing we could have some of that chili like we had at Pages house. It's a cold day, perfect for Chili.