Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ponderosa - Fall Break 2008

I know...it's shocking I'm writing another post!! I am setting aside time to do this blog because if I don't our "Oh So Fun" Ponderosa trip would get overshadowed by Halloween and all the cuteness that comes with that day!


Noah and Phillip spent the whole weekend together - playing outside the WHOLE time! They had a blast!

I was shocked to see Noah sitting with Ginger. He is being brave with a dog! Anna wouldn't do anything if Ginger was around. She wanted to be brave! And that is Kelly - I love her - very sweet kid!

This is how Anna was sitting listening to Jason talk!

Anna and Allison going to play...they are so sweet holding hands!

Playing in the sand was a lot of fun to Anna.
Anna also went on a hayride but it was too dark to take a picture!

Mary looks like such a big girl - we sat her stroller seat up so she wasn't laying down

The baby was so cold (and caught a cold) - it was FREEZING on the mountain!!

But we still managed to have LOTS of fun with her!

Everyone has a Nelson friend...even Mary - and yes the babies are hangin' out on a four wheeler!
And look who is learning to sit up all by herself!!

Those are just a few. We always love going to Ponderosa! We are looking forward to going back!


Missy said...

Cuteness and fun times!

shalita said...

Can I go too? Boy, it all looks like tons of fun! I recognize several outfits and hats on little Mary. It seems like Ella Kate was just wearing them yesterday, and today she is so big she's trying to shove a paci in Mary's mouth! They will be funny together because they have to put up with so much touching from their big sisters, that they will not put with anything off anybody else(including each other)! It was so great to get to talk to you for a minute today. Looking forward to Friday where "We're All in This
Love you!!!

Trace Car Driver said...

HOW FUN! i love pbc! i miss it. it's hard not to be jealous of you :) love the pics and so glad you blogged so quickly. i think there is a nelson kid for EVERYONE in the whole world... ha! next time (in Jan) PLAN on cold cold cold weather so everyone stays warm and noone gets sick :) hey, i'll only be like 38 weeks prego, you think i can go then? ha. LOVE YA now go read MY BLOGS. LoL

bretsgirl said...

So sweet!! I am trying hard not to be jealous since out time got canceled, but I know we both had very good reasons. I can't help it though...I just miss you so! Only four more days until I am back!